The Culprits

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Baby's Not a Baby Anymore

Titus is now talking up a storm. While we were camping, he'd say, "Watch this, Mom!" Then he'd throw a rock in the water & ask, "You see dat? You see dat?" Or whenever he'd fall, he'd get up & say, "I'm alright, Mom!" As I type this blog, I am trying to get him to lie down for a nap. I can hear him from his bed crying & calling out, "I sad, Mom! I sad!" (It is quite the guilt trip, by the way.....he's making me sad!) When did my BABY start being able to verbally articulate his emotions to me?! Good grief.

We Love Camping

We just got back from our third camping trip of the Summer & it's only mid-June. Sometimes I wish we could live out there in God's beautiful mountains. I think the boys just belong out there; they fit right in with all the other wild things. They love to hunt for bugs, snakes, frogs, lizards, & they even pick flowers for their mommy. We actually got to do some swimming this time. Justin took a fly-fishing class before we left & spent almost the entire time standing in the river with his new fly fishing pole. The boys & I played in the water & went for lots of walks. We hiked up some pretty steep hills & of course I had to carry Titus when it got really steep. By the time we got to the tops, I felt like I was going to die. (I may be a little out of shape.) We got to the top of one hill. It was flat for quite a ways & completely covered in beautiful yellow flowers. We went exploring & looked over a few different sides of the hill & saw the river wayyyyyyyyy down below. I was a little nervous because it was very dry & hot at the top, & I could see lots of holes in the ground that looked like snakes might live in them. I think they were hiding from the heat however. The dogs were with us & were great guides. They lead us back to camp & helped us find easier trails. They took good care of us. It was fun but tiring. When we got back to camp (and after some lunch) the older boys went fishing with daddy while I took a nap in the tent trailer with the babies. That was fun too. ZZZzzzzzzzz