The Culprits

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Homeschool Randomness

Here at Boy Crazy Academy, we offer a wide variety of courses & activities. Such as:



                                               LEGO CHESS CLUB

                                             WRESTLING (the wrestling coach is a hunk!!!)



                    Little fishies learn to count & build by 100's.

                                            LITERATURE (The lit teacher is hot too!!!)

                                                        HOME ECONOMICS

                                                       DRAMA CLUB



We offer a structured & formal classroom with a strict dress-code.

                                                         PHYSICAL EDUCATION

                                       ADVANCED DRAMA CLUB

                                               ADVANCED PHYSICS

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Justin has to work on Sundays, so the boys & I had to celebrate Easter without him. The boys woke up & opened their Easter baskets.

One can never be too old for a cute little duckie.

 Flarp & slappy hands: a must for boys' Easter baskets.

                                         We went to church & then the park.
                                                        Then we went home.
      Jarod's garden & garden gnome (which he says he painted to look like daddy).
                                                A little brotherly love.

                                                     "Really, Mom?"

                                 What happens when I let the boys make Easter dinner...........

                                        .......which somehow turns into THIS...............
                                                            ...........................and this............
                                                        ....................and this.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Much Ado About Nothing

Not much has happened in the past couple weeks while I took an unintentional break from blogging.
(Don't worry. This is just the result of a ketchup war. I don't know why. I never do.)

Nothing except that I had to say goodbye to THIS sister & my little nephew & nieces, sadly.

 Oh yeah. And THIS sister had her 2nd, beautiful baby boy. But she lives in another state, so I haven't gotten to hold him yet, sadly. Only 4 more boys to go, sis! ;) So proud of you & happy for you!

Oh. And. We've made a couple trips to the library.
                                          We kind of take the place over.
      Some of us have our own SPECIAL way of doing things.
 Isaac HAD to have his OWN basket. Isaac: "Grunt. It's HEBBY!" (Heavy)
Of course there have been a couple Dr visits. Life wouldn't be complete without those. Isaac had an all-over body & face rash. Had to make sure it wasn't strep or a peanut allergy. Long story. Short version: just a virus. Possibly a mango allergy. Doc advised Isaac to stay out of those dern mango trees from now on.
We kind of take over the doctor's office too.

My beeeaaauuutiful tree is in bloom again & that always makes me happy. It is finally starting to look like spring around here.
 My dear friend & fellow-band member brought her kids over a few times........once for a pizza party & mini-jam-session.
                                           Micah & THE LOOK.

There's been more outside-play now that it's getting warmer.

 Oh, yeah. And I've gotten some spring organizing done. Brought all the summer & spring clothes down from the attic. Put up all the winter & fall things. That's always a HUGE undertaking.
Faux, wrap-around monkeys are all the latest rage you know.

             Played a rousing game of hide & seek.

   Went thrift store shopping. A favorite family outing.
       We like to look for..................

                        Been tryin' to crack down on some kids to get their lessons done before summer. (I pray for anyone with this DNA strand.)  

       My hubby's been doing a lot of THIS lately. Trying to get the Suburban all spiffed up to be able to pull our camper efficiently. Not that I mind the view, but I kinda miss seeing his face.

                                       Been out for ice cream a couple times.

I've been sick with a tummy bug this weekend. Had to miss the Good Friday service. On the upside, I got the house to myself to watch movies on Netflicks, while Justin was at church with the kids. I'm starting to feel better. Tomorrow is Easter. Hopefully no one else gets sick so we don't have to miss Easter Service. Other than that, not a lot goin' on around here. ;) Oh........except for.........