The Culprits

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Praying for Turkey

Such a civilized bunch are we.... well as graceful.
This is how we speed up turkey digestion to make room for pie. 

Abi & Gideon decided to write stories after dinner....

....while the others watched 'The Hobbit'. 
Got my girl-time in tonight with my sweet & silly nieces. They took turns being the photographer.

Justin has been faithfully leading our family in nightly bed time prayers, and each night we usually pray for a different country. We ended up praying for Turkey three nights in a row this week. We're following a prayer plan that we get via email. I don't know if the prayer-plan-writers thought praying for Turkey would be funny during Thanksgiving week or what, but those three nights our conversation with Isaac (our youngest, who is 4 yrs old) went something like this:

Isaac: "Daddy, what country are we praying for tonight?"

Justin: "We're praying for Turkey tonight."

Isaac: "Turkey??? We're praying for Turkey???"

Justin: "Yes, we're praying for Turkey."

Isaac: "Hee-hee-hee!!!! We're praying for Turkey!!! Hee-hee-hee!!! (Literally says, "hee-hee" when he giggles.) 

Three nights in a row. Same conversation. 

But the third night, after normal the "hee-hee-hee-we're-praying-for-Turkey"-s:

Isaac: "Daddy, why are we praying Turkey for?" (His way of asking what the country needs prayer about.)

Titus (our 7 yr old) piped up: "CRANBERRY SAUCE!!!" *Giggle-giggle-giggle*" (Didn't literally say, "giggle". He just giggled.)

Then last night, we finally prayed for a different country, which I'd never heard of before: Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan? Really? Of course, Isaac still thought it was funny, because Turkmenistan was just a really silly name for Turkey. He and Titus still got their "hee-hee-hees" & *giggle-giggle-giggles* in.  And apparently we all had Turkey on the brain, because Jarod forgot how to say, "Turkmenistan" when it was his turn to pray. Instead, quite reverently and sincerely, Jarod prayed for, "Turk-mania". Yes, he did. And so, four nights in a row, Mommy got in trouble for *chuckle-chuckle-chuckling* (didn't say, "chuckle-chuckle"; just couldn't stop shaking and choking slightly) during bedtime prayers. Tonight, I can't even remember the name of the country we prayed for. Sad, I know, because it was like five minutes ago. But I don't think it was Turkey-anything though, or I would probably remember. As I tucked the boys into bed tonight.....

Me: "Goodnight, boys. Happy Thanksgiving. I love you."

Titus: "Happy Thanksgiving, Mommy. I wish we had prayed for Turkey again tonight."

Me too, kid. Me too. But still, even though we didn't pray for Turk-o-Rama, or Turkey-Lurkey, I am SO thankful for SO many things. I'm thankful that we still have the freedom to worship as we wish, that we are not tortured for believing in Jesus. I am thankful that we have carpet on the floor of our cozy house, instead of a dirt floor (though there is usually plenty of dirt on the carpet--not the same, I know). I am thankful that we have clean, running water, instead of having to walk five miles every day to find a mud puddle to drink from. I am thankful my children can go to the doctor (and naturopath) when they are sick. I am thankful that my family gets three meals per day, instead of per week. I am thankful for a husband who is seeing needy, lost, and hurting people through Jesus' eyes, and who is teaching our sons to do the same. I'm thankful for God's patience with me. And I'm so. very. thankful. for Turkey. 

From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!!!