The Culprits

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Water Wars

It was kind of sunny & a little bit warm today. We rode tricycles,
played with bugs,
started an innocent little water fight.
Titus did not partake of the silly water fight. Mighty sword fighters have better things to do.
Gideon's water-weapon of choice. Not what I would have chosen, but he made it work.
Isaac got in on the shooting action. He was actually saying something that kind of sounded like, "Bang! Bang!" He was having fun....until..............
.........attack of the killer watering can!
The mighty swordsman stops to remove a pesky speck of dirt from his shoe.

Jarod waiting to ambush his prey.

Titus strategically places himself in the safest place in the yard. A dry Titus is a happy Titus. (Unless he gets another piece of dirt in his shoe..........)

Things get serious.
Revenge of the little brothers.
Oh, by the way, Gideon asked me to marry him. I said yes!