The Culprits

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Titus' 1st ER Trip

Last night, around 10 pm, the boys were all wrestling around, when someone landed on Titus. He cried for a couple minutes, but seemed fine.........until I put him down. His right foot was hurt & he couldn't walk on it. It didn't hurt him unless he was standing on it. Then he would collapse. It was really sad. I didn't take him to the ER until today. I just wanted to see if it would get better over night. It didn't. I was in the bathroom when he got out of bed this morning. I heard him crying, saying, "Foot-hurt! Foot-hurt!" I came out to get him. He was standing on the floor, holding on to the foot board of his bed for support. He couldn't go anywhere. So I took the kids to church.........& then to the ER. Justin had to work today so I was on my own. The boys were all really good however. It wasn't too horribly stressful. Seth was extremely helpful as always. It helped that the room had a TV in it. The wait wasn't very long either. The Dr came in & asked what had happened. We explained. He looked around at all of the boys in the room... and just nodded. I got the feeling that even if I'd brought Titus in bleeding from the head with two black eyes & bruises all over his body, he still would have looked around at all the boys.... and just nodded. The Dr wanted to see Titus try to walk to me.........and of course...........he did, the little goof. First time all day. Made a liar out of me. Brother. But then he did collapse after taking a couple more steps, so I was vindicated. However, that tells me he's already doing somewhat better! He couldn't even take one step just hours before. It must have been a slow ER day because nurses kept coming by to look at all my boys. They brought the X-ray machine right into the room. Titus was nervous about all of us going out of the room & leaving him alone with the tech. But as soon as the tech brought the machine close to him, he was extremely intrigued with the whole process. It was decided that he didn't have an obvious break, but the Dr thought he probably did have a little fracture. He put Titus in a splint, which Titus was not happy about. He wanted that thing off STAT.  But, now that we're home & he's had a nap, he's doing fine with it. He's crawling around like a champ & adjusting to life as a cripple. The splint can come off in a few days. I have a good feeling that he'll already be better by then. Just in time to run around during next week's camping trip! No real harm done.