The Culprits

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pictures of Nanny & Papa's VISIT

As promised, here are pictures of the rest of Nanny & Papa's visit from last week. Sadly, I failed to get any pictures of Nanny & Papa. But I promise they were here.......and we had a very nice time together!

Wednesday was a pic nic at the park. There was yummy food prepared by Sarah. Deborah & Justin did a little fishing in the river. Didn't get any pics of that either. Video would have been nice. Especially when we all heard Deborah's panicked screaming. She thought that she had caught a fish............but then discovered that all she'd caught was a stick. I was disappointed for her (she did try for a long time, out in the rain), but relieved that she hadn't been accosted by violent thugs. The kids played in the sprinklers & the rain. I gave up trying to keep kids dry. Not one towel, shirt, or hoodie was dry when we got home. Except for Titus' things of course. OCD-boy didn't get wet. He just had a poo-poo accident all over himself & had to get a bath in the sink in the public restroom. As long as his clothes are not wet, he's happy. Poop is alright though. Water: BAD!!! Poop: OK. I don't pretend to understand.

Thursday was a BBQ at Sarah & Emily's new house. There was more yummy food prepared by Sarah & Emily, more water play in the back yard, a rousing game of Cranium & the boys only minimally damaged the property. At the end of the evening, we hugged Nanny & Papa goodbye. They left early the next morning. Even though I forgot to get any pictures of them (& then proceeded to leave my camera at Sarah & Emily's house because the kids have stolen my brain) was still so nice to see them!!! We love you, Nanny & Papa!