The Culprits

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Bad Time-Travel Blog Post

Seth doing Wii @ his B-day party.
On the Water Front in Down Town Seattle.
Me & Isaac on a Ferry Boat in Puget Sound. It almost looks like Isaac is having fun, except for the scream of terror.
The boys & some cousins, keepin' cool @ Grandma & Grandpa's house.

Pics from: our trip to WA (including Grandma's memorial, Uncle Joshua & Auntie Heather's Pig Roast & a Ferry Boat ride in Puget Sound), the Fall Fair @ our Church, Seth's B-day......and other stuff. Not in order. As usual. Lately, I've been blogging like a bad time-travel sci-fi movie. I jump all over the place in time-sequence. It's all jumbled & smashed together into one wonderful, action-packed, confusing, emotional & dizzying Summer. At least.............I think it was this Summer. I apologize to the family members & friends we visited, who did not make it into the blog. I really do want to download more pics, but I simply must move on with my day. I do love you. My niece Daralynn.

My brother Mark & nephew Asher.

Titus & Isaac @ REI in Seattle.

Auntie Melanie & Uncle Nick @ the Pig Roast.

Seth & Uncle Nick @ Ivar's on the waterfront.

Gideon & Titus @ the Pig Roast. Eating alternatives to actual pig.

Cousin Sorin shooting Jarod & Micah @ the Pig Roast.

Justin giving the boys pony rides @ the Pig Roast.

Justin & my Papa-in-law, Jim, having some "guy time".

Gideon & Titus on the ferry.

Jarod & Micah on the ferry.

My brother Ted & my Uncle Don @ my Grandma Flo's memorial service. They have the same facial expression.

Gideon @ the Fall Fair.

A cute little clown.

Spiderman was @ the fair.

My sis-in-law Tracy & lil' niece Aven.

Isaac & Cousin Braeden.

Titus & Nakayla.

Isaac @ the Fall Fair. "DOWN WITH NAPKINS!!! POWER TO THE ICE CREAM!!!!"

My Daddy holding Isaac & Cousin Zander.

Mel-honey & Isaac.

A sea gull @ the waterfront.

My studly man in front of the vehicle we borrowed from our friend on our honeymoon.....16 years ago!!! Aaahhhhh, the memories!!!! *wistful sigh* Thanks for the good times, Pearl.

Uncle Michael with the boys on the ferry.

Uncle Micheal, Auntie Jubilee & Isaac @ Ivar's.

Grandma Florence, to whom we said goodbye. I will always love & remember & miss her. What a great woman. What a personality. What a servant to others & lover of Jesus. This picture captures her lovable, silly, strong essence perfectly. (Especially considering the ever-present hankie sticking out of her pocket. ;)

My Grandma Virginia @ the memorial service. I was SO HAPPY to see her!!!! I love my G-ma!!!

On Seth's B-day, Seth endures a right of passage into hairy-almost-manhood. As a Facebook friend of Justin's pointed out: this seems an ironic picture. Shouldn't someone, who is teaching someone to shave, be familiar with the act themselves?

The boys with my cousin Benjamin @ the memorial.

Me & two of my sisters (Keri & Trixie) with our "babies".

Jarod @ the Fall Fair.

Justin & Isaac @ the Fall Fair. My man is so hot. Look at those muscles. Look at what a nice Daddy he is. Look how cute my baby is in those glasses. (Can you tell I like this pic?)

More Gideon @ the Fall Fair.

Seth & a few more of the buddies who came to his B-day party. The shirt & big head are his daddy's fault. My baby is 14 now. That's HIS fault. I TOLD him to quit growing. He never listens.