The Culprits

Sunday, July 19, 2009


We went to a birthday party today. It was at this great park that had the BEST climbing tree. The boys were in HEAVEN. They played on this tree more than they played on the playground equipment. My boys were doing just fine, having a blast climbing, when along came the birthday girl, Cora. (She is 9, the same age as Jarod.) Jarod was perched contentedly on a branch that he had thought was perfectly adequate. He felt pretty brave sitting up there on his limb. I think Cora said, "Excuse me, please." as she climbed past him. She scurried with the confidence of a squirrel & quickly was on the same branch as Jarod, but higher up & farther out. So of course, Jarod had to follow her & go just a little bit higher than her. He was NOT about to be shown up by a girl!!! And even though he did go a tiny bit higher, I could tell he was a little nervous. Don't tell him I said so. And look at Cora just sitting there all relaxed like it's no big deal! So much for the girly gift I put together for her! (Which I must admit I had fun doing. ) I think this one's a bit of a tom boy. I did calmly advise them to both come in little closer to the tree trunk (and the ground). I am tired of the ER.

I don't think Gideon's going any higher.

My little tree frog.

Yeah, I stuck my baby up in a tree. So?