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Saturday, October 10, 2009

My Life in Facebook Status Updates

As a stay-at-home-homeschool mommy, I sometimes can feel a little stranded & alone.........trapped in my busy little world of hugs, kisses, boogers & poo-poo. While I indeed LOVE my life & LOVE all my children, it is nice to be in touch with the outside world a little bit. (Especially since we've only had one car & we can never really venture into the outside world when Justin is at work.) It is hard to talk on the telephone. That takes time. And while I am completely used to the noise at my own house, when friends call me, the noise in the background stresses THEM out. I tell them to ignore the noise, because I AM. But then strange things happen to my friends. For example, one might suddenly have a long lost uncle show up at her door for a visit & she needs to hang up immediately. One might suddenly feel a strong need to go "wash her hair". Or another might need to "walk her dog", which is weird because I thought she only had a cat. Whatever their excuses, I realize they simply do not have my expert "coping-with-the-noise-of-6-boys-skills" (AKA......."ignoring", "zoning out", "going to my happy place"). Either that or they just don't like me. Either way, if it were not for Facebook, most days, I would be completely alone in this world (except for all these kids, of course). So, I will often go back & forth between my mothering tasks & the computer to see what everyone else is doing out there in that strange world of adult humans. For instance, my friend Heather (no, not myself. I may be pathetic, but I am not my only friend........yet) is having chili cheese melts for lunch right now with her hubby & little boy. Sonya is really MAD at Verizon. Lynn is busy doing LOTS of housework (I am sure Justin wishes I was too). Kara is going to the pumpkin patch with her family. I also share the things that happen in my life with everyone else, so they can comment, & I can feel special & less alone on the planet. Below are some posts just from yesterday & today. My life in Facebook status updates.

Heather Haukaas Sturgeon is so happy that her 9 year is describing his big giant snotty sneeze in vivid detail. MAN, I wish I had seen THAT. Except not.
Yesterday at 11:54am

PS. Jarod is very proud of this post. BOYS.
Yesterday at 12:13pm

Don't you mean . . . Except snot? LOL
Yesterday at 12:36pm

Yup. I thought that. But I didn't say it. I'm not a boy. (Though I suppose it's bad enough I thought it!)
Yesterday at 12:37pm

do u remember when Aly put a nasty booger on Sally in the nursery when she was preggers with Annie? she almost puked! boogers r funny! ;)
Yesterday at 1:05pm

boogers are God's most disgusting creation

Heather Haukaas Sturgeon OH MAN. I just heard Jarod ask Seth, "Do you think the girl I marry will eat her boogers too?!" *sigh* That's one son doomed to bachelorhood.
Yesterday at 5:37pm

Don't worry. Plenty of girls eat their boogers! I have a nine yr old here for him!
Yesterday at 5:42pm

Me too! they can pig out together! ugh.
Yesterday at 6:40pm

That is such a relief, albiet......a twisted relief.
Yesterday at 7:02pm

Laryssa : YUCK YUCK and YUCK!!!! ;)
Yesterday at 7:39pm

Yesterday at 8:45pm

Yesterday at 8:58pm


Heather Haukaas Sturgeon
OK. Just wanted to share this. I noticed a spot on the burner before I started cooking, but didn't think much of it. I have lots of spots on my burners. As I started smelling this awful smell, coming from under my pan as the heat rose, I remembered. Seth & Jarod were cooking flies on it earlier in the day. Nice. I'm smelling re-fried flies. Yum.
Yesterday at 9:52pm

Great dinner! Do you need more recipes?
Yesterday at 9:55pm

it is never a dull moment at your house, is it?
Yesterday at 9:57pm

Boys! Gotta love them!
Yesterday at 10:03pm

What kind of sauce did they use?
Yesterday at 10:39pm

6 hours ago

I have heard flies are an excellent source of protein! :)
5 hours ago

Laryssa: remind me not to eat any raisins from your house. ;) 4 hours ago

Heather Haukaas Sturgeon Oh..............and...............20 min before that.............pulled a necklace bead out of Titus' nose with tweezers.
Yesterday at 10:12pm

Is it bad that I just laughed?
Yesterday at 10:15pm

nope....I did. actually, Justin pulled it out.
Yesterday at 10:21pm

I pinned him down.
Yesterday at 10:22pm

Melissa (not Melyssa):
At least you were able to get it out and didn't bring him to the ER for me to do it. LOL. Too funny. Gotta love boys.
Yesterday at 10:25pm

Awww man!!! Passed up a chance to see you???!!!
Yesterday at 10:27pm

PS. We are nose pickin' experts, Lisa!
Yesterday at 10:28pm

Yesterday at 11:34pm

How in the world did that happen?
12 hours ago

Um......he stuck it up there.
11 hours ago

Sami Jo:
You've got to write a book deary!
5 hours ago

you could call it, "6 boys & their boogers". 5 hours ago

Heather Haukaas Sturgeon So.......Titus was chattin' me up today. I was kinda sayin', "Uh-huh. MMMmmhmm. Yep!" and only half listening (like a good mother would). But, he got my attention when I heard him say, "Mom. You are WAY bigger than daddy. And daddy is a GIANT." Nice. 45 minutes ago

Heather Haukaas Sturgeon just overheard Seth & Jarod fighting over Isaac. "He's MY padawan." "No! He's MY apprentice!" "No! He's MY padawan!" "No! He's my apprentice!" "He will one day be a Jedi, like me!"
about a minute ago

No comments on the last two. I feel so alone.