The Culprits

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back to 2008......Our Last Fishing Trip of the Year

Justin found a way to down load these pictures from my broken cell-phone. I was dying to share these and was so sad because I thought they were gone forever! Just another reason why this man is my hero!!! So, I'm going a back in time a little here.

You'd think after getting rained out on the last day of our big Sturgeon family camp-out, in September, that we'd have been done with camping & fishing trips for the season. Nope! Not us! Justin dragged us all up into the mountains for one last fishing adventure, which I was not all that happy about. But I'm glad he did because look at all these cute pictures I got out of it!!! It was actually a really nice time & we even caught some fish! (Makes standing there doing nothing for long periods of time a lot more FUN!) The boys had a blast. I do think Justin gets daddy of the year award. I love him so much, especially when I watch him with our boys. What would we ever do without him? (Sure wouldn't have these awesome pics!!! ;-) I love you, Honey!!!

PS. Most of these pics are from early October. A few of the pics on the right go back to Summer & earlier in the year.

A boy and his fishing pole.

Titus' first fish!

Gideons got one!

Jarods got one!!!

Daddy's turn.

Love this man!!!

We do catch fish sometimes!

He's not taller than me (yet).........we're standing on a slope.

Titus ready to go. "Enough of this dirty out-doors already!"