The Culprits

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Goodbye to Atticus, Family Trip, etc...

A Sad Goodbye:
Last week (before our later mentioned family vacation), my poor Mama-in-law, whom I love dearly, had to have her sweet Atticus-doggie put to sleep. I tear up for her loss every time I think of it. He has been in the family for about 10 years. We ALL loved him & will miss him terribly. Goodbye, Atticus. You were a good dog & the prettiest kitchen rug the world has ever known.

A few weeks ago I decided to show the kids a good time. We ventured out of the house & went somewhere really unusual & exciting. Yes, this is WalMart.

Gettin' the most "bang for our buck" (Titus was in there too, behind Isaac).

Dino givin' the boys a ride.

Ran out of quarters, so I just made them pose for pics on the merry-go-round.

My kids are good sports.

Oh the thrill.

A couple of my sis-in-laws, Melanie & Jubilee, came into town a few weeks ago. We decided to have a girls' night. I wasn't too sure what a "girls' night" was. I had heard of one before...........

We did our make-up together. Olivia gave us all "beauty marks" to match her birthmark.

Olivia showing off her gorgeous lipstick!!!

Had to post this lovely picture of Jubilee.

We made Auntie Melanie pretty.

Deborah hung out for a little while, but she had places to go & people to see.

We played games & powdered our noses.

I see "make-up artist" in Abigail's future.

We made our fingernails BEEEAUUTIFUL!!!!

Auntie Melanie & Abigail lookin' gorgeous.

We made cookies with Grandma (who never actually lets me take pictures of her, so this is the best I could do). Fun was had by all.

Last week we went to Seattle to attend my Cousin Julie's wedding. I didn't have the presence of mind to get any pictures of the actual wedding. We had a great time visiting family. Got lots of pics of that!

Uncle Ted & Auntie Rachel

On our way home from this trip our car broke down. We got towed to North Powder, Oregon, a few minutes away from where we had broken down. We stayed in a fun little motel for the night. Fortunately, it wasn't a major problem with the car & was easily fixed. It ended up being kind of a fun little family adventure actually.

Me & my "little" brother, TJ (but that's Ted to you).

Uncle Ted & Jarod

Uncle Dave (Trixie's husband) & Cousin Nakayla

Uncle Mark w/ Asher & Titus

Me & Trixie.....I love my sister!!!

My other "little" brother, (the afore-mentioned 'Uncle Mark'), with his oldest child, Asher & me with my youngest child, Whats-His-Name. I used to change Mark's diapers. Now he's changing his babies' diapers. *Sigh*

Uncle Ted, Seth & Justin

Uncle Rory, Auntie Keri & Cousin Braeden

My sis-in-law Tracy & new niece, Aven.

Seth & Uncle Ted

Gideon & Auntie Gloria

Me bribing my little nephew Zander (only 1 wk older than Isaac) with some chocolate so he would pretend to love me.

Titus & Cousin Daralyn: bein' best buddies!

Uncle Mark & Cousin Asher playing w/ Titus & Gideon.

Lastly (well, technically.....the car breaking down & us getting stranded in Powder, Oregon over night was "last"), here is a picture of us visiting Nanny & Papa (even though I didn't actually get a picture of Nanny & Papa, grrrr.....) with all the grandsons on that side of family. My step-sis-in-law, Leisa's little boy was just adopted from Africa. It was a long wait for her, getting him here. He's finally home with his new parents & we're all so happy for them. Marshall is the baby in my other step-sis-in-law, Kate's arms. He is another adorable, new & welcome addition to the family. Garrett is that handsome 2 yr old boy in "Uncle Todd's" arms. The rest of them are the ones that came out of my body. I still find that hard to believe.