The Culprits

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Car Conversations

On the way home from church a couple weeks ago:

Me: "What did you learn in class today, boys?"

Micah: "That Jesus was perfect & never sinned."

Jarod: "Mom?"

Me: "What?"

Jarod: "Did Jesus ever fart?"

Me: "Yes. (Sigh.) Jesus farted. But he probably said excuse me."

On the way home from church today:

Jarod, ripping his coat off in the back seat to avoid death from heat-stroke: "Mom, turn off the heater!!!! I'm sweating like a pig."

Seth, rolling his eyes at his brother's pathetic, inexcusable ignorance: "Pigs are NOT ABLE to sweat, Jarod."

Me, realizing something profound: "Oh!!! That must be why they roll around in the mud! To stay cool!"

Auntie Gloria, being the smart lady she is: "Horses can't vomit. They don't have the same gag reflex that humans do. If they eat too much they can die."

Me, taking note of the obvious parallel: "Hmmmm. Weird. Hey! Justin can't whistle."