The Culprits

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Boys Are So Sweet!

When I awoke this morning, my baby boys looked so cute sleeping that I had to take yet another snugly, sleeping-baby picture. Watching them sleep just makes my heart melt. They look so angelic, peaceful, innocent & SWEET. I love this picture (and the 500 other sleeping baby pictures that I can't stop myself from taking). However, when I went to retrieve my camera to take this sweet picture.....................
I found THIS..............
..............and THIS on my camera! I loaned Jarod my camera last night so he could do more "art". This is what happens when you give a 9 yr old boy free reign with the camera. He gives you "art" that looks like something from Calvin & Hobbes. I'm pretty sure Jarod is Calvin, BTW. Actually, I think they ALL might be. Poor little dinosaur.
A couple hours later, I am milling around the house, still trying to start my day. Seth & Jarod come running into the house calling for me to come look at Gideon. So I do, and I find THIS:
Don't worry, they only hung him by his arms in MY HOODIE (which didn't survive, poor hoodie!)......not his neck.
Such nice proud of their handiwork. Poor little Gideon.
Then I come inside to find Titus playing pretend with this dinosaur & elephant. He is muttering something about the elephant needing his daddy. (I'd say SO!!!) Poor little elephant.
A few minutes later I hear a commotion outside & go check to see what is going on. I see the salt shaker. I see the boys huddled around the salt shaker. I know this is not a good sign. I quickly grab my camera, take a picture..........and then tell them how mean it is to salt a slug & that they should never do it again. If they want to kill one of God's precious creatures they should lop it's head off quickly instead of torturing it. (Don't worry, it was a tiny slug & a LOT of salt. I think it did die relatively fast.) Poor little slug.
Boys are so sweet.
PS. No elephants or dinosuars (or Gideons) were injured in the producing of this blog post. The slug & the hoodie will be remembered fondly.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Lazy, Sunny Sunday

I LOVE my tree. It only blooms a couple weeks out of the year. I'm sad when the flowers die.

A flower that I haven't killed.

Fun with shadows
A trip downtown to the fountain for some fun & ice cream.

Cutest 6 year old alive!

Statue of Liberty

Someone was woken up from his nap too soon.
Ice cream made him feel better.

Another milestone: Isaac can bring his hand to his mouth! Yeah for coordination! A very good sign! His jitters are definitely better than they were! He gives us all huge smiles. He giggled in his sleep the other day. Oh, and.......last week he weighed in at 13lb, 7oz.


Monday, April 6, 2009


Isaac turns 8 weeks old tomorrow. I told you all I'd be documenting his every milestone..........watching closely to see how he is developing. Well, so far he seems perfectly normal to me. He still shakes sometimes. Some days I think it's better & some days it seems worse. It's hard to say. But it only happens when he is cold & exposed or feeling startled. He smiles, he eats like crazy & he is growing FAST. Today he started PLAYING! Well, playing as much as an 8 week old can! He was so fascinated by that toy in the pictures with the circles. He actually touched it several times............and I'm pretty sure that's just what he was TRYING to do!!! I can just see the little gears in his head turning. I think he's going to be OK!
He played with it so much he pushed
it right into his face!
AAAWWWwwww.........good job
STARING, baby!!!
He just LOVES those circle thingies!!!
My baby is so pretty.

Jarod turned 9 years old yesterday. The day before, I let him bake his own cake. He loves to cook & bake & has taken many lessons from his awesome Aunt Emily. I had to supervise, but he did most of it himself. We had a nice little family party at home. Jarod & Micah (who can NEVER be apart for longer than 5 minutes, so of COURSE they BOTH went!!!) stayed with Emily last night for a sleep over. She took them out to do all kinds of fun stuff for Jarod's birthday, including to a kids' cooking class! There will be more partying to come on Wednesday with Grandma, aunts & cousins.