The Culprits

Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Fools, etc

As I said ealier, my sister Trixie & her kids (AKA: my nieces & my nephew; AKA: Daralyn, Nakayla & Zander) are here visiting me from Seattle. There are 9 children in this house at all times. It is a lovely chaos. I am super happy to spend time with them & am going to miss them when they leave.

Aside from my sis' visit this past week:
~I've gone to band practice, which was incredibly fun.
~Jammed out with the TMC worship team, which was also a blast.
~Brother in law, Joshua, & his wife (AKA:Heather Jr; AKA: my sweet & lovely sister in law)also came from Seattle for a visit. They brought a very cute puppy with them.
~Made at least 17 & 1/2 trips with my sis to our fav hang-out: WalMart (AKA: the only place where they allow moms with 87 kids to come & shop & don't arrest them for opening up a box of Graham crackers to stuff into little mouths to get them to stop screaming before paying for them. And if you didn't understand that sentence, you are obviously not a mom with 87 kids.)
~Isaac, Daralyn & now myself, have gotten sick. Again. Not surprising with all the little walking petri dishes on legs, all jammed into a tightly enclosed living area & breathing into each others germy little goo-infested, but cute, faces. More little sickies shall develop in the coming days, I am confident.
~Had 19 people (including the above visiting family members) in my teeny wittle house for a yummy chicken ravioli dinner & some more sweet & happy chaos & laughter.
~Had a big family park outing in the beautiful sunshine.
~Haircut day happened. Zander was included.
~Had a cousin picnic in the back yard.
~April fool's day happened. I awoke to Jarod climbing onto my bed next to Isaac, just in time to stop him from drawing a mustache on his baby brother with a sharpie. Seth barely missed being doused by the cup of water Jarod had placed precariously above his bedroom door. I was almost fooled into believing the cat had pooped on the kitchen counter. Until I remembered what day it was & who I was talking to: Jarod (AKA: little prankster). You'd be amazed how similar-looking to a turd rolled up mud is.
~Since we actually had a couple days of spring weather, the boys naturally needed to collect worms to race in the back yard. If you've never had the immense privilege of witnessing a worm race, you just haven't lived.