The Culprits

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Titus & Joshua

As you all know, August 4th was Joshua Nathan's & Titus Nathan's birthdays. Mom, Deborah, the girls, the boys, & I all went to the park for a little party on the 5th. We let the kids run themselves ragged. We ate fried chicken & cupcakes (mom made the cupcakes). The three older boys ate almost an entire watermelon by themselves. Justin had to work & Sarah had to sleep before going to work, so neither of them could be there. The kids had fun anyway. The boys, before we left, went all over the house looking for presents for Titus. He got a nice big pick-up truck with only a few holes in it from Micah. Jarod gave him his musical bear from when he was a baby. Seth bought him a car with his own money. Gideon just emptied an entire toy drawer into a big gift bag & called it good. Of course, Grandma & I had some nice new presents for him as well. It was down-right hot & muggy, but it was a fun little party. I can't believe believe my baby is 2 yrs old already! How did that happen? You're pretty old too, Joshua.