The Culprits

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Boy Crazy Academy Entertains Special Guests

Yesterday, cousins Abigail & Olivia came over to visit. The girls begged to "do school" with us, so I let them. They are all wearing hats in the picture because the language lesson had a poem in it about a boy with a frog in his hat. We made dogs, cats and frogs. Then we put them in our hats. Yup.

The five little children were SO well behaved & studious, I must say.

The older kids? Mmmm....not so much.

                                                      This was their recess time.

          I love our tree. It is beautiful and ever-growing. All of the older boys have grown up climbing in it. It was much smaller when we first moved into this house ten years ago. This tree has taken a lot of abuse: kids climbing in it, swinging from it, kids hitting it with bats, kids breaking it's branches, but it keeps on growing. It keeps on providing a lovely & enormous shade for my back yard. I love to sit in my reclining camp chair, under its shade, to read my book & listen to my children playing. There are so many good memories attached to that tree, it almost feels like part of the family. If we ever can afford to move into a bigger house, I will miss our tree immensely.

Abigail is taking monkey lessons from her cousins.

        God made dirt & dirt don't hurt. (Especially Titus. He doesn't even let it touch him.)
                                             OK. That's obviously not entirely true.

Note the cleanliness of Titus, even though he is allowing himself to play in the MUD.
Olivia is good for Titus.
However, I'm pretty sure he is without a shirt because he'd gotten a couple drops of water splashed on it & one simply cannot have that! No shirt is better than a microscopically wet shirt!

                                Ya-ya does LOVE her mud pies!!!

                                                    Auntie Heather LOVES Ya-ya.

This is Isaac: the orneriest boy on the face of the Earth.
He is also one of the six cutest.
He is almost a "big boy" now, but I am in constant denial about that.
I'll let you know when he is not my baby any more.

Ya-ya & Titus LOVE Sethy!!!