The Culprits

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pumpkins Painting

We don't do things the "normal" way very often. We don't carve our pumpkins. We paint them. It's just what we do. It prevents a bloody mess from carving-knife-mistakes, it saves on the mess of gooey pumpkin innards getting everywhere & it provides the children with a lovely, round, orange canvas to let lose their creativity upon. It only stains the carpet, their hair, their skin & any clothes they might be wearing ("washable paints" is a bold-faced LIE), but that is a positive, since it all just blends right in to all the pre-existing stains. For clean-up, I just take them out back & hose them off. I get to laugh while they shiver. Everyone wins. OK. I don't really do that (in cold weather), but painting does seem an easier clean-up (& safer) than having seven children carving pumpkins & trying to make sure no little ones get ahold of any knives. Yup. I do take the easy way out way out when I can. However, it's kind of become a tradition on our house & the kids love it. 

Pumpkins painting pumpkins.........                        
                           Artists at work...............

            A couple pretty lil' pumpkins.


My Mr. Potty-Training-Do-it-Myself-Backwards-Underpants-Pumpkin had a jolly time painting his long as I didn't try to help him, heaven forbid.

                             Mr. Creative & Unique-Artist-Pumpkin's interpretation.


Mr.Perfect Pumpkin was very proud that he was covering every square inch of his pumpkin in his favorite shirt even. I was very proud of him for not getting upset about the mess on his shirt, which did actually come clean with an Oxy & bleach combo in the wash.

Artists left to right:

Abigail, Isaac, Jarod, Mommy (the only pumpkin with decent eyebrows..I'm just saying...) , Micah, Gideon, Titus & Olivia (squint at your screen, look really close & you'll see's the one in a rock disguise). Seth was far too cool to paint his own pumpkin.

......and the Pumpkin Family lived happily ever after, until they all rotted & had to be thrown out.
The End