The Culprits

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Making Friends

My boys like to make stuff... this handsome stick fellow here.....
......and this cool Nerf-gun-warrior-buddy-guy......


......and like this cute little super-stick-hero-baby-dude......

.......and like this ginormous family of stick friends.
Why, you ask, did they spend hours outside, making these adorable stick friends?
So they could engage them in battle, naturally.......
.....and kill them all. Of course.
When they brought me this cute little "friend" (into my house!!!), they wanted to keep it, and love it, and pet it, and take it home, and call it George. I said, "No" calmly (only squealing and shrieking slightly).......and had them set it free down by the canal.

Even though I am a mean mommy and don't let the boys keep the furry "friends" that they find, I am still cool, right? Aaaaarg. Yeah.
No, we did not celebrate Halloween early. It was "pirate night" at Pioneer Club last night. The nice thing about Pioneer Club is that most of our little friends there do not have long, creepy tails. They don't scurry under my fridge, eat all my cheese, poop in my pantry, nibble on my toes while I sleep, and give me fatal blood-born diseases in the middle of the night. The unfortunate thing about Pioneer Club is that it might be frowned upon if we try to annihilate our Pioneer Club friends in battle. I guess that's why we need our stick friends.

A quick shout out to Nanny & Papa, who came from WA for a lovely visit over the weekend. Love you guys!