The Culprits

Thursday, October 11, 2012


When last the Boy Crazy saga left off, we were saying goodbye to boy #2, who was leaving for church camp. Since then, boy #2 has returned home from church camp, talked about what an amazing time he had at afore-mentioned church camp, crashed shortly thereafter, and slept solidly for practically 3 days straight. The next week (3 days later), we said goodbye to boy #3, who left for preteen camp. Boy #1 also went with him to be a junior counselor. Knowing that boy #1 would be there to watch out for boy #3, made their mama feel better, but she was left alone, with only 4 boys to keep her company, for five. whole. days. She survived, but just barely.

In between the comings and goings of boys numbers 1, 2, and 3, boy #5 had a birthday. Titus turned 6 years old. We had a party with cousins, aunts, and Grandma. Abigail crowned him king for the day, naturally. King Titus received several lovely gifts from his Grandma, Aunts,and parents, but seemed especially excited about the birthday cards. 

Other exciting Summer happenings:

A. Gideon lost his first tooth!

B. More visits were made to our refugee friends for story times.
Apparently showing off for the camera is fun for kiddos from all cultures.

C. Too many awesome Summer outings and camp outs with friends to blog about. 

One camp out was a "boys only" camp out, and the mama was left completely alone in the house, over-night, for the first time....E.V.E.R. She could have gone to band practice, she could have stayed the night with a friend, and she could have gone to a fun BBQ. Instead, all she did was stay home, cry, and watch shows on Hulu. She is embarrassed and doesn't want to talk about it.

D. Gideon lost his second tooth!

E. I/she jumped in with the SweetTarts for a Saturday morning gig in the park, for our community clean-up day. In case you didn't know, I haven't done much with them lately, due to life, kids, etc...Turns out I don't have as much time to be a rock star as I thought. But I thought I'd get one last hoo-rah in before the school year started back up. My sweet sister-in-law, Jubilee, who just moved here from WA (and brought my adorable nephew with her), watched the boys for me that day, and again, the next week end, when I went on our church's ladies retreat. I did much better without my kiddos & hubby that weekend, since I had so many neat gals around me. I definitely needed that weekend. I came home feeling refreshed spiritually & emotionally closer to God, and to other women. So, thank you, Auntie Jubilee!!!

We are now in the full swing of the new school year. Our home group (aka: Bible study) started up again on Tuesdays, and we love it. Justin is leading it & he does a great job. The kids & I are going to Pioneer Club on Wednesdays, where they get to have a blast, and I get to teach the 2 & 3 years olds. There is high school youth group on Mondays, middle school youth group on Tuesdays, Celebrate Recovery on Fridays (where I am privileged to be part of the official, new "CR Band"), and, of course, church on Sundays. I'm desperately trying to get the boys' school lessons done during the days, and not let them get behind....this time. I sometimes feel like I'm failing my kids by not having them all in sports, and music lessons, and such....but, seriously, when would I do it??? I don't honestly know how anyone does it. Justin is also involved in our church's Men's Fraternity, which is an awesome thing, but is so very early in the morning that I am barely breathing when he leaves the house. He is working like a dog, as usual, to support all of us. He is also constantly working on our cars, with their various issues, on his days off. The poor guy needs a break. I think he still wants to take us out on one more camp out before Winter hits. I want a million dollars. I'll let you know if either event comes to pass.