The Culprits

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Home With Baby & Meeting the Family

First of all, I wanted to let everyone know the good news. All of Isaac's tests came back negative. His Dr thinks he is looking so normal that he sees no need to run any further tests. He feels that the damage to his brain is probably very minimal & will most likely not cause many (if any) problems later. Only time will tell for sure (there are no guarantees), but he doesn't need to see him back again at this point. I am so thankful to God for this.

Justin has been looking for a camper for a long time. He found "THE ONE" on Craig's OREGON...........last week. I took the baby to his 1 week check-up. The Dr gave us the "OK"...........and off we went on our mission. We bought the trailer & then headed up to WA to visit with both of our families. I know that seems like a crazy thing to do one week after giving birth. Talk to Justin. Fortunately, I did sleep almost all the way there & a good portion of the way back too. And I got to see how much Keri's baby had grown since Nov & meet my NEW nephew, Zander, as well. We spent time with both of our families. But I only had my act together enough to take pictures of the new babies. So, sorry that there are no Sturgeon family pictures up, guys!!! Doesn't mean I don't love you!!!

I am feeling great! Can I just say how good it feels to NOT BE PREGNANT anymore!!! I JUMPED out of bed opposed to having to gingerly ROLL myself out of bed & hobble painfully to the bathroom, bones cracking & popping. I took the baby & went shopping (thanks to Jim & Bonnie & my Kohl's gift certificate!!! ;-). The sun was shining, I had the music cranked up....................and it occurred to me................I'M FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course, after shopping, I had to come home & take a long nap. I still tire out pretty easily. (My BP is actually still pretty high, so keep that in your prayers. I think it will adjust in time though.) But, I almost feel like a NORMAL person again!!! YEAH!!!! So very many reasons to be thankful!!! It's so much better to have Isaac on the OUTSIDE of my body! And now I even have some cute clothes that FIT me! ;-)

I should warn you all that I will probably be posting every little new thing that Isaac accomplishes. For one thing, I am just a proud mommy & I always get so excited when my babies take the next "step". But I will also be anxiously looking for any & every little sign to tell me he's developing normally. So.........yesterday............he sneezed out his first booger!!! It was so cute! Sorry I forgot to take a picture! Oh, well. Don't worry, I saved it in his baby book! :-) Just kidding, just kidding........

PS. Isaac was 7lb, 11oz when he was born. He lost 9oz in the hospital (went down to 7lb, 2oz), which is normal for most babies. But now he's up to 8lb, 2oz! In a little over 1 week he has gained a whole pound!!!