The Culprits

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Introducing Our Newest Family Members

My Mama-in-law just adopted 2 new Newfoundland puppies. Yes. Puppies. Not fully grown yet. If you can imagine. They are brother & sister. Both very sweet, although in need of a little training still. They get along great with Emily's doggie, Sampson (they haven't met Scout yet). The boy dog has a small jealousy problem because the girl dog really loves Sampson. The older boys love the dogs. The littler boys haven't figured out how to stay standing upright next to the dogs, but I'm sure they'll learn once they have had a few more years experience walking & have grown 3 more feet (the boys, not the dogs). Meet Wesley.
Meet Buttercup.
They are very sweet, snuggly & lazy.
To give you an idea of how tall these so-called "puppies" are: the table makes a lovely chin rest for them. They're cute, but need to learn manners still.

Teasing them with pizza is a great help in their training. (And, I'm not sure why, but I'm thinking it's a good thing that Emily's dog is named Sampson.....)

I know that these two sweeties haven't made my Mama-in-law forget about her Atticus........and neither have we. He did leave a big hole in our hearts.....especially in Mom's. A hole so big, it needed to be filled with two of these giant pups.