The Culprits

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Some Reasons I Homeschool (It's ALL about the jammie pants!)

The Home Economics Class is top notch!
Can't wear your jammie pants or eat lunch on your rocking dinosaur at public school.

{I guess I have never explained how, in addition to Titus' extreme aversion to getting wet (which oddly, does not apply to bath time; he would stay in the tub for two hours at a time if I let him), he also has a jammie-pants obsession. When we are home, he is wearing jammie pants. And nothing else. Goes commando. Almost always. If we go to the store, I tell him he has to wear real clothes. He begs me to let him wear his jammie pants. I say no. But the very minute we get home, OFF go the clothes. ON go the jammie pants. And nothing else. Of course, most of my boys go around the house at least half naked most of the time (this includes Daddy). Getting actual clothes on is a special occasion. It means company is coming over or we are going somewhere. Jammie pants are VERY important around here.}

Can't really do THIS at public school.....

................or THIS ................

Definitely couldn't do THIS at public and school!!!!!

Need I go on? I think I made my case rather well. ;-)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Family Vacation to the Oregon Coast

Low-Budget Halloween

Soda Thief
Never heard of a Nerf Sniper? Now ya have!
Last year's costume.
Don't even know what year we got this costume, but Micah wears it well!