The Culprits

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The 4th

We celebrated Independence Day with my mother in law, Auntie Memmy, Auntie RaRa & Cousins Abi & Yaya. Mom made dinner, Sarah (RaRa) made strawberry shortcake. Of course we lit a few fire works. The usual. Justin used his cigar to light them. As you can see, Titus appreciates the woodsy scent.

The boys did bad things (as I said, "the usual"). The first five minutes we were there, Micah somehow managed to pull Mom's TV down on his head during a fun game of "hide in the TV-stand". The TV & the head were fine, don't worry. Isaac pulled Mom's clean towels out onto the floor in the bathroom just for fun. Some boys climbed Mom's wall. Literally. They found her rubber band stash & ran around the house shooting each other.

So we sent them to the back yard, where Gideon "helped" Mom by "weeding" her yard. Except it wasn't a weed. Isaac dunked all the dogs' stuffed toys into the kiddie pool. They dumped potting soil into the pool. They hung on her weeping willow a little too fervently & climbed her big planters.

So we went out front to blow stuff up.

                              Justin is really the best Uncle & Daddy EVER.

And just look at those sexy big muscles.

{Is it time for him to come home from work yet?}

                              Ready for fireworks!!!!!!
                    This reminds me of ET: "OUCH"

                      You know Micah means biz when that tongue comes out.

Love their enchanted faces.
But need a better camera.

It was a great evening. God bless America! How was YOUR 4th?