The Culprits

Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Birthday

Colleen, Sarah, Emily, Deborah & the cousins came over for Gideon's "official" family B-day party on Wednesday. We decided to celebrate Isaac's B-day too, as he will be turning 1 yr old in a couple weeks (which I cannot believe). Adorable mokey cake by Aunt Emily (w/help from Sarah). He was so cute, and also delicious. I felt bad chopping him up to put him in rubbermaid containers for storage. I didn't enjoy destroying such a work of art.
Grandma buys the coolest gifts! What little boy on the planet would NOT want this awesome dump truck???!!!
Abigail holding the "baby" (who is now actually a toddler, as he has actually started taking steps). He's more than half her size now. How did THAT happen???
Isaac loves his new toys.
I see "crazy cat lady" in Olivia's future.............

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hot Cocoa & Marshmallows

Nanny & Papa sent the kids some really nifty marshmallow shooters. The kids have been having a "blast" with them. It's not every day that one can literally bite (and chew & swallow) the bullet. OK. Enough bad puns.

Introducing: the notorious & greatly feared Marshmallow Gang
Assembling dangerous weaponry
Shoot-out at the Sturgeon Corral!
Marshmallow sniper...
Marshmallow assassin....
Dead sniper.........
A stand-off....

Thanks, Nanny & Papa!!! We love 'em!!!

Gideon's Birthday

Yesterday was Gideon's 5th birthday. I'm just not sure how he went from THIS: To THIS:
in just the blink of an eye. He has brought joy, humor & love to our lives with his infectious giggle, his adventurous & ornery spirit.....& his never-ending supply of kisses & hugs to give.
His brothers were so thoughtful & gave him some toys from their own toy boxes.
Out of all the presents.........I think these teeth was his favorite.
Micah crowned Gideon King for the day. Make a wish!
My big 5 year old boy. I love you more than you can imagine, Gideon Justus Sturgeon. Happy Birthday!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas 2009 & New Years 2010

Christmas Eve was spent with Colleen (Grandma), Sarah, Emily & Deborah (Abigail & Olivia went to Seattle to Nanny & Papa's for the holiday). Grandma spoiled the boys rotten of course. They LOVED all their presents. We watched "Elf" (a special family tradition around here), ate yummy food prepared by Sarah & Emily and opened presents. On Christmas morning Daddy read the Christmas story to the boys before they opened their even more special family tradition. We spent the day relaxing & playing together. The rest of the family came over in the evening for dinner & watched "A Christmas Story", which is just not the same thing as the real Christmas story.....but is also a tradition we enjoy. Yes, our presents & tree were up on the dining room table. It kept Isaac from destroying it. It did not stop the cats (or Titus who was pretending to BE a cat) from destroying it. On New Years Eve we spent the evening with some dear friends.

Firefighter Gideon
Wii stuff!!!
Daddy likes Jarod's nerf gun.
There is no shortage of weapons around here.

There is no shortage of boys either.

Over all, this has been a blessed year. We are all alive & well & happy. We have a 6th boy. What more could a girl ask for? :-) We look forward to what God has in store for us in the coming year.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from the Sturgeons!!!