The Culprits

Wednesday, October 14, 2015


 Many changes have occurred in our family over the past year/year and a half.  Last Fall (2014), Seth started attending Boise Bible College. He's pursuing a couple of different ministry options, but is leaning toward youth ministry. He absolutely loves living on campus, and he's doing great academically. My husband also joined BBC at the same time as Seth. Over the last couple years, Justin has felt God calling him into the ministry as a preacher, to be a light of compassion and truth to a hurting world. This also means God is calling me to be a preacher's wife. I've had many mixed feelings in this regard. But it's been obvious to me that this is what God is orchestrating in our lives. God has also been impressing the plight of refugees upon my heart in the last year or more, and I am wide open and ready to do what Jesus would have me do in helping those who are suffering, although I don't know exactly what this will look like. As some of you know we've had fun volunteering in the refugee summer reading in the recent past, and I also used to watch children at the refugee center while their parents learned English, several years back. Lately, they've been on my heart more and more, so I'm looking forward to where this will lead. Also, we're moving out of the home we've lived in for fourteen years, as a sort of leap of faith, which I will eventually elaborate on. There has been a lot of "faith-leaping" lately. Seth is very excited to be going to college with his Dad. As if that is not every kid's dream college experience. It's pretty handy to have one's clean underpants and socks hand-delivered by one's father, at school, while one is hanging out with cute girls. But for now,  here is the belated father-son back to school picture from last fall. The rest are the younger boys' back to school pictures from the beginning of homeschool this year....jamies, blankies, puppies, and all.