The Culprits

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Our New Home Away From Home

Isn't she pretty?

Lovely kitchen range.

Lots of cupboard space.

Dining room, living room & master bedroom (check out the COMFY matress)!

The couches & table turn into extra beds.

Um. This could be a bad thing.

OMG(oodness)!!!!!!!!! A CD player & an Ipod jack!!!!!

The boys' room! (So awesome: the door SHUTS!!!)

                    Mommy & Daddy's room: where all the magic will happen.

Or not.

Micah decided to climb down into the trap door/storage space.

Of course, Seth decided to shut him in....

                                                  ......and he disappeared!!!!

A knock on the front door: 
  Micah, AKA Houdini, found a side escape! Tricky boy!

                    Yup. We like it. Can't WAIT to go camping!!!!!!!!!!!
                                  Is it Spring yet? Please?