The Culprits

Monday, April 6, 2009


Isaac turns 8 weeks old tomorrow. I told you all I'd be documenting his every milestone..........watching closely to see how he is developing. Well, so far he seems perfectly normal to me. He still shakes sometimes. Some days I think it's better & some days it seems worse. It's hard to say. But it only happens when he is cold & exposed or feeling startled. He smiles, he eats like crazy & he is growing FAST. Today he started PLAYING! Well, playing as much as an 8 week old can! He was so fascinated by that toy in the pictures with the circles. He actually touched it several times............and I'm pretty sure that's just what he was TRYING to do!!! I can just see the little gears in his head turning. I think he's going to be OK!
He played with it so much he pushed
it right into his face!
AAAWWWwwww.........good job
STARING, baby!!!
He just LOVES those circle thingies!!!
My baby is so pretty.

Jarod turned 9 years old yesterday. The day before, I let him bake his own cake. He loves to cook & bake & has taken many lessons from his awesome Aunt Emily. I had to supervise, but he did most of it himself. We had a nice little family party at home. Jarod & Micah (who can NEVER be apart for longer than 5 minutes, so of COURSE they BOTH went!!!) stayed with Emily last night for a sleep over. She took them out to do all kinds of fun stuff for Jarod's birthday, including to a kids' cooking class! There will be more partying to come on Wednesday with Grandma, aunts & cousins.