The Culprits

Monday, December 1, 2008

Seattle Visit

I haven't posted in a while because I've been out of town visiting my family in WA. My baby sister, Keri, was having her first baby & she wanted me to be her labor coach. I was very happy to help her (& honored that she asked me!!!). I loaded up the car & all the kids & drove the whole 10 hours by myself. That was an adventure. I've decided that I HATE semi trucks. Long story there. I arrived a week before her due date & we waited.......................for 2 more weeks! We stayed with my parents who were very brave to let their 5 grandsons & I stay for 3 whole weeks!!! I am sure they must be glad to have their house back now that we are home.

Anyway, Keri finally gave birth on Monday morning of the 24th to a 9lb, 5oz, baby boy! His name is Braeden & he is ADORABLE!!! I LOVE fat babies!!! My sister Gloria is a massage therapist & aided in the labor room as well. (She says she's going to come give me some massages while I'm in labor too! YEAH!!!) My bro-in-law, Rory, was super sweet to Keri during labor. He cracked me up with his play-by-play of the contractions...........and his joking around with all the nurses. He had Keri laughing even at 7 cm!!! Together, he, Gloria & I made a pretty good labor team. And Keri did an AMAZING job!!! (I'm so proud of you, sis!!! You're such a good mommy!!!)

During my stay, I visited lots of in-laws & had two Thanksgivings. One with my family on Thursday & one with Justin's family on Friday. We picked Justin up Friday morning from the airport & the boys were SO HAPPY to see him. Gideon had started asking me if we going to live at Grandma's forever & had been starting to cry at night for his daddy. I was startin' to really miss my man too. I think the next trip to WA won't be so long. It was a very nice visit, but also very nice to get home. And Justin drove. YEAH!!! I'm sure the semi trucks were happy as well. Don't ask. I think I'm done with adventures (or even leaving the house now) for a few months. I'm starting to feel a bit like a beached whale. I need a nap every couple hours. So, I'm staying home to finish baking my own bun in the oven. If anyone wants me, I'll be hibernating. Leave a message. ;-)

PS. My sister, Trixie, is also expecting a boy a week before me (I'm due Feb 19th, she's due Feb 12th). It is her 3rd baby, but her 1st boy. Apparently, God didn't think I'd contributed enough boys to the family yet.