The Culprits

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Stuff That Happened This Year

 Here are some highlights since Spring: 

For starters, Jarod turned 13, and had lots of friends over for a slumber party. I survived to tell about it, though the essence of socks, armpits, and "recycled" pizza lingered in my house for a few days there-after. 

This is Jarod. He is very cool now that he is 13.

This is Micah. He turned 11 this year.

So happy together. Mostly.

Justin & I had our 19th anniversary. Still in love. Looking forward to our 20th in a few months.

This is Micah's first day of Middle School Youth Group at church. He is now officially "cool" too, in case you were wondering.

Seth started being allowed to "group date" this year. He felt a little gypped when he realized that he had already been hanging out with "groups" of friends & that not much had changed. But, hey....he can CALL it "dating" now. That matters. He also turned 17 this year, and is now a senior in high school. He has plans to get his driver's license, and head off to Boise Bible College....all in the next few months. He has a passion for youth ministry, and for music. I am very proud of him, and know he will do awesome things with his life. The first birdie will be leaving the nest soon. No, I do not want to talk about it. 

Summer Camps & lots of family camp-outs happened this past Summer. I may back-track & do a camping blog post at some point. Because you can never have too many camping pictures.

My incredible, very sexy, hard-working man has been building me some awesome stuff this year, such as this amazing home-school computer table, and two sets of these awesome bunk beds for the boys' rooms. He is also remodeling the bathroom by the boys' rooms, because the floor had water damage & the change was long over-due. I may blog about that later as well.

I had the immense privilege, this past Spring, to go to Seattle to be with my little sister, while she had her 3rd baby, her first little girl. It was an exciting adventure which I embarked upon with all six boys. We had to leave Justin at home, as he could not take the time off of work. I had a blast with my boys, but I never want to do that without my husband again. Ever. I mean it. And that's all I have to say about that.

The cousins all had a blast together.....mostly.

Welcome, Adelyn!!!! I was so blessed to be allowed
in the delivery room when she arrived. So special! 
So proud of my beautiful sister, Keri, who is such a good mama.

Had so much fun spending time with all my little nieces & nephews,
whom I rarely get to see. Miss them so much now.

This is my cousin, Regina. She is the angel who
watched my boys for hours on end so I could
spend time with my sister & brother-in-law
at the hospital.

While in Seattle, we got to visit Nanny & Papa, as well as Cousin Sorin. 

Fortunately, Nanny & Papa gave us lots of gifts to take home, one of which was this handsome puppet here. We decided that he was John the Baptist. John is a happy sort of fellow & he gave us much entertainment on the trip home. On the end of Seth's hand, John stared, smiled, danced & waved at strangers in the cars next to us, while the boys & I got to watch their various reactions. According to our observations, there are more happy drivers out there than not. Some pointed & laughed. Some waved back. Only a couple gave John & Seth grumpy looks. Seth found himself slinking down to the floor at one point, after pulling up next to a car of cute girls & being embarrassed by John's antics. Silly John.

This year we also welcomed Cousin Aaron Gabriel Alexander to the family.


Last, but definitely not least, Titus turned 7 years old. He is quite adept in utilizing "The Force", so watch out, world!

                ~~~The End~~~