The Culprits

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Goodbyes, Projects, Graduations & Armpit Hair

My parents left yesterday morning and, yes, I miss them already. Saying goodbye was kind of hard. The below pictures are of a trip to the park with Grandpa, who is kind of a big kid himself.

Isaac is now fearless and climbs to the top of EVERYTHING.

Before my parents left, Dad helped me (ie. did all the hard work & let me do the fun painting part) with the below project. If you can't tell, it's an art board to hang the kids' projects from, without having to use an ugly old cork board, or have tape all over the place. It's a great replacement for the ugly school-room posters I'd had up, which were mainly there to cover up holes in the wall....even though I pretended that they were there for educational purposes. Now, thanks to my Daddy, I have a dining room/school room wall that I LOVE!!!! 

Earlier in the week, the younger boys graduated from Pioneer Club. Micah had to miss it because he was recovering from a teeny tiny little surgery, which he would be very embarrassed about, if I elaborated much beyond that. It was a no big deal thing & he's doing great. Jarod helps teach at Pioneer Club & he also had to miss the graduation ceremony to do school work. It's the last week of school and, since we do charter school curriculum at home, there are state requirements which we are desperately trying to meet by next Friday. That's a bit stressful, but it's almost over. Next weekend, we go camping! First trip of the season & I can't wait!!!

An extremely important highlight/milestone of the week.....Jarod discovered an armpit hair & wanted it documented. So here it is....not that it's actually visible. But, the "man hormones", as we fondly call them around here, have definitely hit boy #2. If the invisible armpit hair doesn't prove it to ya, then the stench and mood swings will. Awwww....isn't it so cute how proud he is?