The Culprits

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Pterodactyls, Birthdays, Crazy Hats, etc

                   These past few days have been filled with.........many things. To start with, more pink eye. And sniffles. And ear aches. And faithful kitty cats.                   
 Good-hearted, hard-working teenagers with occasional bad attitudes.
 Boys studying.....comfortably.

 Cute-girl-cousin-sleep-overs, story times, snuggling Uncle Justin, bad hair days & more pink eye.

 More snuggling.
 More birthday. Isaac's birthday is in a week so this week we had a combo-Gideon-Isaac-big-family-party, with my in-laws. Grandma Colleen spoiled the boys as usual (& ME, by bringing dinner, so I didn't have to cook) with lots of cool presents. Auntie Emily & Rara made a cute & yummy little lion/chocolate cake.

 We've been cleaning house. (Maybe a little TOO thoroughly?) Wow. This pic is WAY out of order. Back to the birthdays.

 I can't believe Gideon is already 6 & Isaac is almost 2. It's time for me to get pregnant again. I'm seriously having that "baby-ache". Every time I hear a newborn cry, I want to steal it from it's mother. But, alas..... there are no new babies (of my own) in my future. I am entering a new phase of life. Feeling a little sad about it. But relieved as well. Excited and blessed. Very blessed. But......still.....a little sad.

 Isaac LOVED the Elmo stuff he got from Grandma, as well as his chocolate lion cake & dinosaurs.  
 Gideon got this creepy little pterodactyl from Grandma. It's like a little, evil, scary jack-in-the-box.....except it's not a box. Or a jack. And there's no music. Only noises. Kind of scary noises. The wings open up repeatedly, in a jerky, robotic manner, while the creature makes distracting, yet oddly hideous, noises. Then, suddenly, unexpectedly........ the mouth ejects this green, slimy, projectile-dart-thingie right at you, making you jump out of your skin. It scared Auntie Deborah something fierce. Her scream was a delight & a joy to  her nephews. They were also delighted to discover that it scares our cat, Jerry, as well. But, to the boys' great disappointment, it doesn't bother Tom a bit. He patiently tolerates what his torturers dish out. Albeit, not without rolling his eyes a little.
                                           "Oh. I'm terrified. Really."

 Last night was Crazy Hat Night at Celebrate Recovery. The boys proudly wore their "hats" on their heads ALL evening long. Jarod wore Justin's old dress blue's cover from his days in the Marine Corps. Justin wore a fatigue cover. I wore my original wedding veil. It still fits!!! ;)    (My wedding dress? Well.......I don't wanna talk about it.)

In other news, I have a beautiful brand new nephew, born to my brother-in-law, Michael & sister-in-law, Jubilee on January 30th. Welcome, little Aiden!!! We can't wait to get to know you!