The Culprits

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Mr. Roger's Field Trip

I knew that Krispy Kreme made good, fattening, sugary doughnuts that I should never, ever, On occasion, I've had one (or two, or two and a half, or two and three quarters....but never three.....OK....yeah.....sometimes three....) when someone else has bought some and shared with me. I knew that they were yummy, soft, squishy, moist and best avoided at all costs. But I had never physically visited an actual Krispy Kreme establishment before this last Thursday. We were broke, as it was the day before payday, and we wanted to do something special, as a family. Something special....but cheap. I had free doughnut coupons for the kids, so off we went to Krispy Kreme. I found out some really cool things about Krsipy Kreme. I found out that the boys could actually watch the doughnuts being made on a conveyor, Mr.Roger's-field-trip-style. The boys absolutely loved watching all those doughnuts floating by in the oil, as if living some wonderful, fluffy, sugary, doughnut dream, and then going through the frosting curtain to be glazed. It was doughnut heaven. I found out that the nice Krispy Kreme people just come right up to customers to give them free doughnuts!!! And then they still let said customers redeem their free doughnut coupons. They even give away FREE HATS!!!! We bought coffee so they wouldn't regret being so nice. Yes, I realize that this was a guilt-inducing-ploy that they used against me so I would actually, you for something.....and I fell for it. And, yes, I realize that these are all things that everyone, but me, already knew about Krispy Kreme. I don't get out much, ok? But..Krispy Kreme is SO COOL! Kids get an educational experience that they can use later in life (in case McDonald's won't hire them in this know...) and parents don't have to pay for diddly! I think I know where our new favorite "field trip" outing place is............

No, I did not wash Isaac's finger before he ate his doughnuts. But I should have.