The Culprits

Saturday, November 27, 2010

In Search of the Elusive Christmas Card Picture

Today was the perfect day for taking a picture of the kids to send with our Christmas cards. It snowed all day, but it wasn't too terribly cold out. The boys & I ventured out of the house for a fun little photo shoot in front of the police station. Great winter weather. Totally awesome, giant Christmas tree. What could go wrong?

              This one would have been pretty good, if OCD Boy hadn't been trying to straighten out his sleeves.

                Whoa. Something pretty interesting over THAT WAY.

                              Um. I guess we've decided no hands are better than sleeves that are too short.

A smoke-breathing-Jarod!

                                                    Yummy! Snow!

                            Ooooo....pretty ball!!!

OK. Let's try some shots over here. Maybe Isaac will be happier if I hold him. Jarod, stop sitting on Titus please.

 Seth: "Say cheese!"
Micah: "What kind of cheese?"
Gideon: "I'm a good boy."
Isaac: "Why me?"
Titus: "My pants are dry and my sleeves are straight!"
Jarod: "I like cheese."

 Yup. Isaac is MUCH happier now that I'm holding him.

Micah & Gideon having a friendly game of "Punch Your Brother".

                                                               Knock it off!!!

                                                                        Mama quitting.

This is a good shot! You can't see their faces. It's perfect!

                                 Maybe I'll just use this one for the card.

 Or this one. This lamp post is really pretty. And it holds still.