The Culprits

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Birthday Grimaces & Doughnut-Cakes

April 4th was my birthday and April 5th was Jarod's. Last year, I wrote a sufficiently long and sappy blog post about our almost-shared birthdays, about how I was in labor with Jarod on my birthday, about how much I love him & all that good stuff. (Read here: to refresh your memory.) So, this year, I'm posting some pics & calling it good.

These are the gorgeous flowers my man spoiled me with. He also bought me a gift, and took me out to dinner. Aunties Rara & Memmy babysat the boys. It was a lovely evening.
This is the birthday kiss that Jarod allowed me to give him, with only a small grimace. He loves me!!!! 

The boys spoiled me with sweet, homemade birthday cards. (Except for Seth, who did, however, post, "Happy Birthday, Mom!" on my Facebook wall. Seth acknowledging me on Facebook is that was almost as good as a card.) Gideon's card was the largest.
This is the handsome, 12-yr-old birthday boy, whom I adore with all my heart.

I was also spoiled with hugs & kisses & snuggles. I don't think any mama ever felt more special or blessed.
Yes, that is a stack of doughnuts. I was too lazy to make a cake....and too cheap to buy one. I also forgot a #12 birthday candle (if they even sell those?) I had to use a votive instead.

But the boys loved it, so I win!
Guess I did something right.

With this many brothers, there's always a party! Coming soon (may or may not blog it): on-going birthday celebrations with the extended family party & a friend-sleep-over for Jarod.
The end