The Culprits

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Studying: Nerf Style

 This week was my "moment of truth" week. We do on-line public school at home. That isn't how I originally wanted to homeschool, back when Seth was little. But it's how I talked Justin into agreeing for me to homeschool the boys. It was our compromise. And, even though I WISH I was one of those really diligent, organized, structured, homeschool moms who don't need any help.......I'm not. The help I get from the OLS has been a blessing. This week was state testing time, which I have always found to be a horribly stressful time of year. It feels like a lot of stuff is riding on my shoulders. I feel extremely pressured. In my imagination, I just KNOW if my kids do badly, the anti-homeschoolers in my life will feel justified in their opinions that I never should have homeschooled to begin with. Who are these people? I have no idea. They are probably just my imaginary alter egos, who exist only in my mind & second guess my choices as a mother & worry that I'm destroying my kids' on. So, what did I do to help my kids really get ready for their ISATs & IRIs, when I was under so much (self-imposed) STINKING PRESSURE??? Well, we have a hard, fast rule around here: when all else fails...........have a Nerf-Gun-War!!!! OK. It wasn't actually my idea. The boys just love to do that every now & then........or every other day. Especially when they know they have studying to do, but Mom's procrastinating on making them do it. They hope that I will just "forget" about school for the rest of the day. And sometimes I do. But when my almost-15 yr old, who is going to LEAVE ME FOREVER in the next 3 or 4 years, is PLAYING OUTSIDE WITH HIS LITTLE BROTHERS (who are usually considered his "lesser-fellow-beings").........and killing them ever so lovingly with his Nerf can anyone expect me to put an end to their fun? It simply warms my heart & I wish it would never ever end. I will cry SO very hard when Seth is not here to murder his little brothers anymore. But, despite my bad homeschooling technique, the boys all scored great on their I am vindicated! My non-supportive "Other Heathers" can kiss my big toe.

                                  Nerf Target