The Culprits

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013: Treats & Torture

On Valentine's Day this year, I took the boys out "on the town" for the day, to celebrate how much I love them. We live in a small town, however, so downtown is only about three minutes away....and is pretty much where we go every other day anyway. Still, it was special! We went to our favorite burger/ice cream place: Arctic Circle; then to the library & the dollar store. Because we're fancy like that. We are well-cultured, in addition to being well-mannered.

Mr. Seth looks the part of the grump here, but he was simply being a good sport about hanging out with his ole' mom, instead of his buddies.He has become quite the funny guy, comfortable in his own skin, and more than willing to humor me in the bazillion pictures I love to take of him & his brothers. Jarod, on the other hand, has to be begged, bribed, nagged, and whined-at, in order for me to get a shot of him without his hat over his eyes, or without him ducking behind the nearest large structure to avoid the camera. In this case, he had ice cream, so he was semi-tolerant. Poor kid. 13 is such a rough age. I have learned recently, from a reliable source (I have an inside person within youth group leadership), that he is the talk of the town/church. Alllll the middle school girls love him. I fear I may be in for some trouble. He really is so pretty, after all. I've already had to fend off one fairly persistent little lady! SO....I'll take his shyness & standoff-ishness for as long as it lasts! But I shall continue torture him, with my picture taking, because he will never be 13 again, and because I must. 
Not as malevolent as he appears, I swear.

Any 80's/90's girls remember these? What
a blast from my past! These stories were awful.
 Still, fun memories.
These books contributed to
 my love of reading, after I was over
my Nancy Drew phase, that is (which I may or may
not have actually ever "gotten over"


Not as innocent as he appears.
This I also swear.
The library is truly our favorite hang-out. Here, Jarod is losing his patience with me & my camera. I told him it was candid, and to pretend I wasn't there, and to, for heaven's sake, quit scowling at me. 

Here's a shot of me with the boys who still love their mama, and are not trying to leave her forever (for some college in a year), and/or avoid her at all costs (because she's so annoying)....unless ice-cream is involved. 

Everywhere we go, it's a party! 

If you build it, they will climb.

My oldest & hairiest valentine gave me these
purdy things & took me out on a date. Sure am
in love with this handsome fellow.
Speaking of torture forms (the first being my incessant picture-taking ), one of the
biggest joys Justin & I derive from living is grossing our kids out on a regular basis, with frequent, and often public, displays of affection. Nothing is quite so amusing & entertaining than hearing our kids' fake
gagging sounds, and horrified gasps. Especially when their friends are around.
Thanks for bearing with me while I catch you all up on our life, in pictures. Now that Summer is almost here,
happy late Valentine's Day!!!!