The Culprits

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sunshine Please

I have basically been sick this entire month. I feel like I've been cooped up in this house FOREVER. So when did I take all these pictures? I'm not completely sure. I guess a few things did happen this month, besides me being sick. For instance, we got to meet our new nephew, Aiden.
 Aiden got to visit my diaper-changing station (which also conveniently doubles as the washing machine), where so many of his cousins before him have been tended to as babies. He especially enjoyed the spin cycle.
 Most of my time around him was spent like THIS, so I wouldn't get him sick.

Apparently, this month, we had a day of snow. A pleasant surprise, even though it was gone the next day.

                     Future "Crazy Cat Lady", Olivia (& Abi, of course) came for a visit at one point.

I think someone has it IN for Crazy Cat Lady.

 The friend that Justin baptized a few months ago, baptized his girlfriend at our church.
Kids started coming down with the flu. Mama got sicker.

                                               Isaac swallowed a lego. Made a visit to our ER friends. The lego showed up in Isaac's diaper the next day. All's well and ENDS well on that matter. No, Seth wasn't leading us in camp songs. He was waiting for a friend to pick him up for Reach Band .

                                              Isaac went poo-poo in the potty for the first time!
Mr.Lego-Man was cryogenically preserved in my freezer. Along with a dog hair.

 More kids got the flu. I was sick & takin' care of everybody. Got lost in a haze of medicating childrens' fevers, writing down doses & times on the fridge, wiping copiously snotty noses, coughing my brains out, late nights with miserable kids & miserable ME. Thankfully, we're mostly all on the mend, though my strength is just sapped at this point. But I can see the light at end of the tunnel now. I went outside today & was immensely cheered by the sunshine that greeted me. I realized that I hadn't been out of doors in a very long time.
          Sometimes Jarod can be a little cheesy.

 How much is that doggie in the window?