The Culprits

Monday, June 30, 2008

Family in Town

Last week was a busy one for us. Joshua & his Heather (my brother in law & sister in law) came into town for a visit. We all went to the lake & had a picnic. I swam with the kids quite a bit & Justin worked on honing his fly-fishing skills. Mom & Sarah watched the smaller children who didn't want to go in the water as much.....and of course they brought lots of yummy food. Joshua took the kids out in the raft for a while. It was a pretty nice little day trip.

Later in the week my parents came to visit. The boys were so excited to see them. Gideon introduced himself when he ran outside to greet them (no, it wasn't their first meeting). "Hi! I'm Gideon!" We went to the usual fun hang-outs while they were here: Costco, out for Chinese, the bank.....though, no WalMart this time. Grandpa helped Seth with his math (it's nice having a grandpa with a masters in mathematics!) & played lots of ball in the front yard with the boys. Grandma brought some pretty funny Christian comedian videos & had the boys cracking up......especially during the part when a ventriloquist was performing. Jarod has been walking around the house imitating him (the dummy, not the ventriloquist) for the past couple of days now. It was sad saying goodbye to them, but we're going to see them in a couple of weeks when we go to Vancouver for a family reunion.

My pregnancy seems to be going normally. I think I'm between 6 & 8 wks along now. I haven't gained any weight, but somehow pants are already not buttoning so well. Seems kind of early for that, but I guess this is #6. I started feeling really nauseated YEAH!!! Here I go again! But it I think I am doing well & am pretty healthy. I thank God that He is creating another person inside of me. I feel blessed. I'm getting excited to hold another little one in my arms again. 

A couple more quick things I am thankful for: We are getting much closer to getting caught up w/ the boys' school work (at least the important stuff) & today is my last day for jury duty. I am so happy about that. I never had to even be on a jury. Phew. Not that I don't want to fulfill my civic duty, but, you, nausea, life, etc...


tina said...

PLEASE! CAN I HAVE THIS BABY? PRETTY PLEASE!! Adam really wants a boy.

Tracy Haukaas said...

We need to move over there, you guys do lots of fun things!!! All we do here is shop...unfortunately. BUT, we are having a BBQ in puyallup for the forth, so I guess we do have some fun! ;)

beckwanda said...

i am so excited to finally see the boys and to hear about your pregnancy!
thanks for the blog link. i'm gonna call you...
love ya,