The Culprits

Friday, August 29, 2008


A couple hours ago I heard Seth from the kitchen, "M-o-o-o-o-m! Guess wh-a-a-a-a-at?"

Jarod was screaming, crying, "NO, SETH!!! Don't tell mom!"

Thinking Seth was tattling & that Jarod didn't want to get in trouble I said, "Seth, be quiet. Jarod, you need to tell me yourself."

"No, Mom. It's too embarressing." Still crying in shame.

Seth said, "Mom, Jarod has a fear! Hahaha!"

I told Jarod to come to me. I hugged him & coaxed him into telling me. His fear was that squirrels would jump out of the tree and bite him.

I said, "Are you kidding? That's nothing to be embarrassed about. I am afraid when birds are flying over that they will poop on my head. And Seth has had fears too. He used to be afraid of dolls when he was little. And he used to be afraid of clowns. That was only two months ago."

The reason I say that it was only two months ago is this: Seth had quite the spiritual experience at Summer camp this year. He really connected with God. He came home & told me all about it. I was so excited when he said, "Mom, God spoke to me at camp this year." He said the counselors had them go off alone for quiet time with the Lord & encouraged the kids to "hear" what He had to say to them in their hearts.

"What did God say to you, Seth?"

"He told me I didn't need to be afraid of clowns any more."

Well, that was a different kind of testimony than I'd ever heard before, but that's cool. 

When Seth was 5 years old he did have a fear of dolls. I used to have these porcelain decorative dolls lining my plant shelf up by the ceiling. At night, when he'd have a bad dream & want to come to my room for comfort, I would hear the "thump-thump-thump" of his little feet running past the shelf in the living room to get to his mommy. I always heard the thump-thump, but just thought he was wanting hugs ASAP. Took me quite a while to realize he was running because of those stupid dolls. He was afraid they would come to life, I learned later. I'm not even sure how long that went on. Mom fail. But I eventually got rid of them, which resolved that fear. Poor Sethy. Speaking  of fears, I will share my deepest fear with all of you. My deepest fear is that I will die & not be able to raise my children. If Justin doesn't die with me, please find him a very nice (but not too pretty) wife who really loves kids. I don't want him just marrying some hottie who will only tolerate my children because of how handsome Justin is. And if Justin dies with me, I need someone who will step up and raise all 6 of my children for me. I don't want them separated, and I want them home schooled. And they're not allowed to watch Simpsons or Family Guy. Or SpongeBob...for your sanity mainly. Any takers? 


Ted & Rachel said...

I read "fears" first and thought, if you and Justin died at the same time I wouldn't mind taking all 6 kids. However, then I kept reading and quickly decided that wasn't such a good idea. I don't take "gross" very well. And thanks to you, I have now been talked out of having children all together. Aparently girls aren't any better. :0)

Tracy Haukaas said...

Heather, Mark and I will take them. ALL of them...I don't care how gross they are! I basically grew up taking care of kids! I just don't know where I would put them all in this tiny apartment...just don't die until Mark makes more money and we buy a house, okay!?

Tracy Haukaas said...

Oh, and tell Seth that I am STILL afraid of clowns...

Joshua said...

Ok, Simpsons, although hilarious, crosses some lines sometimes and I can understand you not wanting your kids to watch. But King of the Hill? Seriously? I don't think you could find a more appropriate show on TV. Have you actually watched it? In anycase, it doesn't really matter because we watch both over here. Besides, I would only want two of your boys. Can you guess which ones?

beckwanda said...

hey, i'll even move to idaho to take care of those boys.
johnny needs some siblings.
only, i can't take him out of the state of california.
you'll just have to live forever. apparantly you are going to anyway.