The Culprits

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our First Snow of the Year........LAME!!!

YEAH!!! SNOW!!! Last week we got an, um, half an inch or so. Not enough to make a snow man.......but just enough for Jarod & Micah to make snow babies!!! Awwww. We keep hoping for more snow, but it just hasn't happened yet. (You Seattlites are hogging it all!!!) It has been extremely cold here ALL week!!! Pretty record breaking temps for Nampa. One morning it was -5 degrees!!! So we still have LAST WEEK'S snow............but we want MORE!!! It supposed to snow a lot next week. Here's hoping!!!

Titus is the only member of this family who doesn't want it to snow. Mr. Neurotic-I-Hate-Dirty-Feet-I-Love-My-Shoes-I-Want-To-Wear-My-Shoes-To-Bed-And-In-The-Bathtub.............HATED his snow boots & snow clothes!!! He went outside for about 30 seconds (it took about 10 minutes to get him dressed!!!) before he pitched a fit & wanted back inside. The week before, thinking about how he LOVES his shoes, I bought him some cute little slippers to wear around the house. He hated those as well. He said, "Mom! These are NOT shoes!!!" ........and promptly kicked them off. Brother. Where did this kid come from?! And when did he start having opinions about footwear?! (BTW.......his eyes are yellow because he wanted to highlight his prettiest assets, OK?!)

Hopefully I'll have some pictures to post of some REAL snow next week!!! And maybe a picture of Titus smiling.


Mark, Tracy + Asher said...

I want it to STOP snowing! We can't have a party for Asher if no one can drive!!!! You can have all of our snow. Please, take it!

laryssa said...

Kary feels Titus' pain with shoes! she wants summer and sandals back too! can't wait to pat your belly tomorrow, i've missed it! (and you! ;))

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tracy... TAKE the snow... WE DON'T WANT IT. It took Dave 4 &1/2 hours to get home on Thursday night!!


Kayte said...

i hope you get a great amount of snow! i just love your boys, they are adorable. i bet my boys would have a blast with them.