The Culprits

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Gideon's B-day & Other Stuff (Yes, I know the boys need hair cuts!!!)

Gideon's B-Day was Jan 24th. He turned 4. We had a quick little party for him before Daddy went off to work. (We had already had a bigger family party for him a week or so before that, which I failed to get pictures of.) My little baby is growing up.

I am 38 wks along now. The Dr is inducing on Tues the 10th. I'm having a little health issue, so it needs to happen. Only 3 more days to go!!! And I am READY! Still doesn't have a name........poor kid. He will eventually. He might be 3 yrs old before we figure it out though. But I sure can't wait to count all the fingers & toes, hear him cry & hold him in my arms!!!

Coming next...............Boy #6!!!!

PS. Congrats to my lil sis, Trixie & her baby boy. He was born this morning, via C-section @ an even 10 lb!!! Mom & baby are doing great! Now I can labor happily (how was that for an oxy-moron?!) knowing my sis & nephew are ok!!!


Sarah B. said...

I love how Titus came to the "party" with no shirt on. . . or as my boys would say, "half buck naked". My boys would walk around in their underwear all the time if they could.

Sarah B. said...

Is that a LITTLE Fur Real friend? Harrison has been asking for Biscuit, My Lovin' Pup, which is the $200 one. . . maybe we could find a little one!

Michelle said...

The blonde locks of curls are so cute at this stage. I need to post some pics of my youngest at that age with his blonde locks.

not up to code said...

I was 8 (!!!) days old before my parents finally gave me a name! That was back in the day though. The hospital just sent my parents home with the birth certificate to fill out at their convenience.

You look great! I don't blame you for being a little behind on the hair cuts. We are so behind that my husband just had to give my son a reverse mullet - party on top and business in back.

Misty said...

wow heather... you poor thing!!!!

Adorable! I love his sweet blond hair!

Kayte said...

you look great! little guy will be here soon. praying all goes well.