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Friday, May 29, 2009

Micah's B-day & 2 Camping Trips

Micah's Birthday Celebration

On Monday evening, May 18th, we celebrated Micah's birthday. (His actual birthday was Friday the 22nd.) We were getting ready to go camping the next day, so I made it simple. Micah chose doughnuts instead of cake. I let the kids get popsicles from the ice cream man instead of ice-cream. Pizza for dinner of course! (We still have a party w/ extended family coming up.) Happy birthday, Micah John! I can't believe you're already 7! I'm so very proud of you & I love you so much it hurts.

Camping trip #1: May 19th-21st; Arrow Rock (area), Idaho

Chew with your mouth closed, Micah!

Big muscles.

A present for me.

The sun was setting all around us, but hadn't set on the hill behind us. Looks like it's glowing.

Cozy by the fire.

Titus noticing that his hands are (GASP!) dirty.

Playing ball with daddy.

Camping trip #2: May 25th-28th; Silver Creek, Idaho

Titus considering that it might be fun to get wet & dirty

My big ol' manly out-door stud.

One of the cutest fishermen I've ever seen

There's some more of them.

Jarod & Seth both caught little ones they had to throw back. But that was more than Justin caught. Poor big ol' manly out-door stud.

YEAH, TITUS!!! You got DIRTY!!! Go ahead.......put your hands in too.



One afternoon, during camping trip #2, we went out to play in the water & go for a walk. There were a few funny incidents. Of course I didn't have my camera. Telling you about them just isn't the same as being there.........or at least seeing pics. But, I have to try.
First, we walked up a path that went along a stream in the woods. We came to some small water falls & decided to let the kids play. Seth, the mischievous booger that he is, threw a stick for Scout (one of our doggies) over the edge of one water fall. She dove after it, being the brave (or mentally challenged) soul that SHE is. It was kind of deep at the bottom & she could NOT climb back up. ( can't climb WATER!!!) But watching her try was pretty funny/sad. Seth had to go over & pull her back up. I really don't know why she didn't just keep floating down a couple feet & climb out where there was only like 2 inches of water........but........OK....

A couple minutes later, Gideon was filling his little pitcher in the water. He was bending over a little too far & fell in head first. It wasn't too deep (though deeper than HE expected!!) & he got himself out. He said quickly, "I'm OK!" But then he lowered his head, hunched his shoulders & marched over to where I was standing (trying to catch my breath from all that laughing I was doing.......). He wouldn't look at me, so I put my finger under his chin. I turned his head up so I could look at his face & see if he was alright (& to apologize for laughing at him instead of saving his life). He looked up at me from under his eyebrows & muttered angrily, "I did NOT mean to do that!" That did nothing to help me catch my breath. He didn't panic or get scared. He just got mad at himself for falling in. I suppose this isn't translating into "hilarious" the way I want it to. Parents always think their kids are funnier than others do. However, it was one of the funniest things I've personally seen in a while. Four year olds are such a riot..........especially Gideon. I REALLY wish you could have seen it.

When we returned from our walk, to the main part of the river, Micah decided to wade across. It wasn't deep, but it was moving pretty fast. He had a life jacket AND a floaty on. He still went down.........slowly. The water WAS shallow. It was like watching someone in a movie who is hanging from a short cliff. They think that the ground is a mile underneath them when, in actuality, it is only an inch below their dangling feet. In his panic, Micah thought he was going to drown. His too-large hat fell over his eyes as he struggled to stay up. With his arms flailing wildly in the air & his hat covering his face..........his dad & I did what all good parents would do: we stood laughing so hard we couldn't move. Jarod had to rescue him. *Sigh* I wish you'd seen it. Yes, I know I'm a bad mother. I did hug & comfort him when I was done laughing at him. Well, technically that's not true. I was still laughing at him while I hugged & comforted him.

Spot where Micah fell in.

Spot where Gideon fell in.

Waterfall Scout got stuck in.

Two of my favorite men giving me flowers.

Both camping trips were a really nice time of bonding for all of us, in spite of the near drowning experiences & bad parenting. The boys got to fish & shoot & play ball with their daddy. We sang songs around the campfire at night, told stories, practiced memory verses & spent time in prayer. I didn't want to come home. However.........I did miss my shower & my big soft bed.

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Misty said...

over all, despite near tragedies, I found myself secretly coveting your out door experiences.