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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Micah's Birthday

Last week was Micah's 8 yr old b-day. We had a little party at home & a party at Grandma's house a few days later. Here are the pics from the party at home (forgot to take my camera to Grandma's house). Abigail, Olivia & Emily were at this little party. This, obviously, was after we had birthday cake. My sweet, sweet, Micah-Micah John. I can't believe how old he is. I guess I say that at every birthday, but I mean it every time. I don't know where the time goes & how he's grown so fast. He is very intuitive to & considerate of others' feelings. He is so caring, honest, sweet & sincere. I'd almost think something was wrong with that, that he was too good to be true, except that he occasionally picks on Gideon (the one just younger than him) relentlessly, when he thinks (or knows) I am not looking. This gives me and odd sort of comfort.
Micah loved all his presents.

Well....... most of them. (Just kidding. He really did appreciate the spear that Jarod had whittled for him. He was just giving me his special raised eyebrow look here, for fun.)

The party was fun. Some of us sang songs to kitties,

some of us played tic-tac-toe,

Micah picked the flowered cake out.............because he wanted to eat a giant chocolate flower. I mean, who WOULDN'T?! Emily made an adorable cake for the party we had at Grandma's, but I don't have a pic of that yet. A cute little fishie helped blow out his candle. Micah John, I love you so much. Please push "PAUSE" on that growing thing you're doing.......

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Anonymous said...

the tic-tac-toe game looked like someone cheated... just so ya know.
happy birthday 8-year-old!