The Culprits

Monday, May 31, 2010

Rec Center Membership

So, we didn't make it out the door for camping today. It was raining this morning & Isaac was running a fever again. We may go tomorrow. Since my whole plan to go camping is up in the air & I still have packing & cleaning to do..............I thought I would be productive & blog some more.

We joined the local rec center a couple weeks ago. These are some pics of the first day we went. We are planning to go as a family regularly. Justin has gone a couple times with us. Mostly, however, I just end up taking the kids by myself. The 3 little boys love the playroom. Isaac doesn't even cry when I leave him, which is so crazy. He usually puts a big guilt trip on me if I ever leave him anywhere. (However, that childcare room is probably why he is sick again.) Seth, Jarod & Micah get to work out with me. Then we all go swimming together. You wouldn't believe the ordeal of getting the little ones ready in the dressing room. Stressful, but worth it.


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