The Culprits

Monday, July 5, 2010

A Baptism, a Found Cat, a New Baby, a Magical Toilet, & More Camping


*Seth came home safely from camp. He had a great time. I survived.

* Had a cousin slumber party.

*Justin installed a new toilet. It has a button. It's kinda neat.

*Tom, Jarod's cat, went missing for almost 48 hrs. After searching the neighborhood, talking to a gazillion strangers, starting the grieving process & getting ready to hang lost signs, Tom came home. Just like that.

*Isaac climbs. A lot. And he likes it. I don't.

*The new toilet is amazing. It can do a full flush, or a half flush, for the sake of conserving water.

*We went to Justin's annual work picnic.

*Justin bought me a yellow lab puppy. I've wanted one ever since Maggie died last summer. I share ownership of the puppy with Gideon. His name is Toby.

*We went on another camping trip & just got home yesterday.

*We almost lost our puppy on said camping trip, but Seth found him.

*Justin baptized Jarod in the river. Jarod wants to live for Jesus. We are so proud of him.

*Rara, Emmy, Abi & Yaya came over for a little 4th of July BBQ & fireworks last night.

* I took Jarod to his bus for church camp this morning. It's his first year going to camp. He was SO excited when I dropped him off. I wasn't. But I'll spare you the whole, "I hate letting go, I miss my baby, I hope he remembers to change his underpants & I hope everyone is nice to him" whining thing this time. I know he'll have a great time. I shall survive. Again. 

* We are blessed with good health. 

*That toilet really is something else.

Did our make-up together. Yaya is showing her pretty lips.

Some of my favorite nieces.

Naughty. And proud of it.

Can you hear the music?

SO happy Tom came home!!!!!

Pony relay race.

Isaac swabbed the deck with them.

My new baby boy.

Isaac alseep in the saddle.

Puppy stuck.

Angels rejoicing. :)

Seth & Justin doin' some father-son fishing.

Justin cleaning his catch. Why, oh why, do the boys like this part so much?
Justin showed mercy & let one fish go.
Jarod caught it again. It became dinner like the rest of 'em.

Justin caught this sword in the river. Weird.

Abi holding "the baby".

Seth doin' the Sparkler Dance. 

The only time of year they can blow stuff up.

Rara reassuring Abi that she would not be blown up.

Yaya & Emmy.

Happy (late) Independance Day, everyone!


beck said...

Baptisms (or pictures of them) always bring happy tears to my eyes! Rejoicing with you!!!

Tracy said...

1. YAY JAROD!!!!!!!!
2. Nice toilet!
3. LOVE the elephant suit...
4. Asher has a "dance" for EVERYTHING, so HE probably knew about the Sparkler Dance. :)

Sugar Coma said...

Okay, I totally cried when I saw the pics of Justin and Jarod. That's so awesome! Congratulations!
Oh, and I'm going to steal Toby.