The Culprits

Monday, September 13, 2010

Adventures at the Park (more Titus' b-day pics)


Taking turns on the swings is hard.

My tax dollars at work on this here giant-diaper-that-kids-can-climb-in-thing. 

Storing cake for the winter.

Ya-ya is pretty. 

Danny Boy


A birthday boy & a baby with shoe issues.

Olivia's "I-think-I'm-having-fun-but-I'm-not-sure" face.

Jarod's "wweeeeeee-Abi-is-pushing-me-so-high"-good-big-cousin-face.

Really? Bunny ears...on a cake? *Sigh* (Emily is responsible for the adorable cake, btw.)

The adorable rodent that Jarod caught. This was the end of the party & the beginning of a lot of scrubbing.


Tracy said...

Gideon's tears are HUGE!
Isaac's cheeks are HUGE! And cute. :)
Deborah's girls are ADORABLE!

lyssa said...

As far as the rodent goes, what the dickens IS it?? A small R.O.U.S.?

I can't figure out who the baby is. That can't be infant sized Titus. Stop stealing babies, Heather, it's illegal.

Anonymous said...

i like it all except the small r.o.u.s.