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Friday, November 5, 2010


That's not really a super cute alligator. It's just Isaac.

In the days before Halloween, my kids think it's Halloween all week. This is what Titus was going to be for Halloween, before he changed his mind. Fortunately, we collect all of our costumes over the years, so we can afford to have a few changes of heart & costume. Many costumes that we own are good deals that I found after Halloween....or in off-seasons at the thrift store. Some are gifts that aunties & grandmas bought for them at after-Halloween-sales, or off-seasons at the thrift store. Halloween costumes make great Christmas gifts.

A little dragon that went "Trunk or Treating" with us.

Ballerina Kitty
What my kids were ON Halloween.

What they were last night after the $2 costume clearance at Wal Mart.

Even Daddy played!

Beware of the evil Sith lord, Seth! Poor little alien. Scary Army guy. (I didn't call him a Marine because they wouldn't be caught dead in that sloppy of a uniform. Would they, Justin? ;)
Jarod transformed.
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?! (The stupidest cartoon EVER created...but my kids LOVE him anyway.)

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lyssa said...

In 2005 (yes, the whole of it) Anna was a princess in moon boots.