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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Chomping at the Bit

                                                                 This past fall (& early winter), I started taking the boys to this neato horse ranch. Mr.Mike adopts horses who need homes & has the youth help him care for them. He teaches kids how to groom the horses & clean out horsie-stalls & also gives riding lessons. He teaches a strong joy-in-work ethic. Due to illness, I have not been able to take the boys there for a couple months. But they love going & are chomping at the bit to go back to see Mr.Mike & his beautiful horses. Jarod & Seth especially seem to have a way with the horses & love interacting with them. 


                   Watching big brothers ride & waiting for their turns.
                                           Mr.Mike giving Jarod riding lessons.
                                                           Seth on his own!!!!!

                                                           Hard-workin' boys!!!

         OCD-boy: "Why am I standing in poop?"

                                                   Yes, Titus. Your shoe is DIRTY.
        One of my bestist best friends ever......and the one who introduced us to Mr.Mike & his horsies.
                                             A famous Mr.Mike group hug.


lyssa said...

I LOVE how you call them horsies. I LOVE the pic of you and Miss T. I LOVE that you're exposing your kiddos to some equine love.

Boy Crazy said...

I LOVE your comment. And you. :)

Sami Jo said...

That's awesome! So good for the horses and the boys. Have a great weekend!