The Culprits

Monday, March 28, 2011

CONE OF SHAME: the Sequel

I guess Toby was REALLY ashamed of his cone. I don't think I can tape THAT back together.

      This is SO much more dignified.

                                                    "Woe is me."       

         Good choice, Toby. That stupid cone was just humiliating.


lyssa said...

AH HA! See how much I love you, I am attempting to comment again!

1.) Whenever I see a 555 phone number I think of Lloyd Dobler.

2.) I had a dog like Toby, but it was a she named Molly.

3.) I think we need to do a Hobbit Pedi when I get there.

Boy Crazy said...

1.) Never met him.

2.) Sweet!

3.) I like the way you think.

Wikanalu Dickerson said...

So funny! you got creative with that diaper! :)