The Culprits

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Justin has to work on Sundays, so the boys & I had to celebrate Easter without him. The boys woke up & opened their Easter baskets.

One can never be too old for a cute little duckie.

 Flarp & slappy hands: a must for boys' Easter baskets.

                                         We went to church & then the park.
                                                        Then we went home.
      Jarod's garden & garden gnome (which he says he painted to look like daddy).
                                                A little brotherly love.

                                                     "Really, Mom?"

                                 What happens when I let the boys make Easter dinner...........

                                        .......which somehow turns into THIS...............
                                                            ...........................and this............
                                                        ....................and this.


Anonymous said...

Dear, sweet, Heather
Thanks for sharing your heart w/ me. We all have moments/years/lifetimes of struggling with knowing what is true,how to find our way,what to believe. If we remain ever present in this ever changing outward seeming world, the Truth WILL shine though the illusion. It never leaves us as everything is a reflection of God's plan. (taken from the gospel of marg's life) amen

Misty said...

Boy, the things you put inside a girl's easter basket are WAY different!

Genny said "She cooks her kids!" ha ha ...

Great post, heather!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, This is my first time reading and I like your blog. I can totally relate to the whole Easter thing and what people think. Judgment gets us nowhere though. Love the pictures of your boys with their bunnies.

peace from a single mom of a seven year old girl

Boy Crazy said...

Anonymous~ I assume you are my aunt. :) Thank you for the encouragement!

Misty~ I don't cook my kids. Only brown them a little.

Anonymous~ Thanks so much for reading! Very nice to meet you & God bless as your raise your little girl!

Kimmybeth said...

I found your blog today from the Circle of Moms Top 25 Blogs. I happened to see this post skimming your blog and I wanted to comment.
I'm Christian & I've never had a negative comment from anyone about bunnies or eggs. It's sad that people are harsh about those things. Like you said, it's fun & as long as you're sharing the message of what Easter is about then those things do NOT detract from the special message of the holiday.
Also, did you know that Christmas is also bound together with a pagan holiday? That's where the evergreen tree comes from. And the yule log. From what I've heard, the church of long ago changed the dates of some Christian holidays to merge with pagan ones because they wanted to convert the pagans that way. IMO - not a good tactic. Anyway, I see nothing wrong with a Christmas tree either. We aren't celebrating the pagan holiday & I have no clue what the pagan holidays are about anyway. I only know the Christian meaning behind the holidays. That's what matters, IMO.

Boy Crazy said...

Hi, Kimmybeth!!! So nice to meet you. No one has actually ever been harsh with me about these things really. It's just been a topic of discussion between myself & other Christians, who are well-meaning & just want to please God. If they don't feel comfortable celebrating Easter with Easter bunnies & eggs, then they probably should not go against their consciences. A lot of the struggle is in my own mind, worrying about what people think of me. It's kind of a battle of my own making.

I did know that many of our Christmas traditions come from old pagan practices. That's also been an inner struggle for me, wondering what does HEATHER think about it & wondering what others think of me as well.....trying to separate the two things so that the decision is MY OWN. Just like Easter, I've decided that God sees my heart & where my focus is & that's what matters.

It's very interesting that Christians merged holidays with pagans for the sake of converting them. I can kind of see why. I mean, imagine converting to Christianity & having to give up EVERYTHING you've ever known. However, if they were still worshiping their gods & goddesses during these celebrations....kinda defeats the purpose....

Thanks for stopping by! So great to meet you!!!

Amanda said...

Do not be surprised, my brothers, if the world hates you. 1 John 3:13

In my opinion, you have it right. You aren't making a big deal about how it's a pagan holiday, and it's bad or against God to celebrate with bunnies and eggs. You also are not ignoring the real reason we celebrate Easter. By teaching your children to live in the world, but not be of the world, you are teaching them to know how to deal with things like this; to distinguish truth from traditions, without alienating themselves or anyone else that might not know the real reason behind Easter. If that makes sense. Blessings!

Lisa said...

Oh my! Love the pictures! Boys are so much fun! I have a feeling ours would get along swimmingly :)